Saturday, October 11, 2014

Seoul, Korea: Exploring Dongdaemun

We decided to go to Dongdaemun on our 2nd day in Korea. Regarding how to get there, I  just left all the navigating to hubby since I was completely clueless and totally confused when it came to riding their subway. He downloaded this free app on his iPhone (Seoul Subway - Map & Route Planner) and it was a big help with letting us know where to go. But there were still times we got lost, especially since we had to transfer lines a couple of times. ;p

The first thing that we saw when we exited the train station was this structure called the Heunginjimun Gate. Usually called Dongdaemun, this gate was built in 1397 and is the East Gate of Seoul Fortress. I like how it was right in the middle of all these modern buildings and malls, which gives you a sense of history and a glimpse of the past.

Heunginjimun Gate
information about the gate
view from the other side

Just across the street was Dongdaemun Shopping Complex and Town. This place was really huge with 5 buildings in total.

However, this place only sold fabrics, textiles, accessories, wedding products, etc. If you notice the sign on the building, it says "Designers' Hub" which hubby and I thought meant designer labels haha! Un pala, for designers to buy their materials here! Toink! ;p

So off we went again, just walking around and checking out the different shopping markets and malls, which were everywhere! And of course, eating too. ;p

clothing market
Cheonggyecheon Stream
Frozen ice cream!
yummy street food
Doota (on the left side) is one of the many large fashion malls in the area
our Korean lunch in Doota Mall

We also checked out Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP), which is the newest (officially inaugurated on March 2014) and most iconic landmark of the Korean design industry located at the center of the Dongdaemun area. The DDP, which was designed by Zaha Hadid, serves as a key venue for design-related shows and conferences, exhibitions, and other events and gatherings, which makes this like our very own Cultural Center of the Philippines.

the DDP in the middle of Dongdaemun
walking around the History and Culture Park
an outdoor exhibit featuring the Philippine Jeepney!
selfie :)

The DDP also has some restored parts of the Seoul Fortress like this Yigansumun Water Gate (floodgate channeling water from Namsan Mountain to Cheonggyecheon Stream and Seoul Fortress).

There were lots of interesting things inside the DDP, like this exhibit of chairs from different designers around the world.

Game of Thrones ang peg ;p

There was also a Transformers 30th Anniversary Exhibition, but there was an entrance fee of 15,000 won. I knew I wouldn't appreciate it as much as hubby, so I just waited for him outside hehe.

We then saw people lining up for another exhibit, so I asked the staff how much was the entrance fee. When she said it was free, hubby and I decided to check it out as well. Culture Chanel was an exhibit that traced the the creative landmarks in designer Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel's life. It was comprised of about 500 photographs, books, objects, manuscripts, archives and artworks, along with Chanel’s fashion, jewelry, watch and perfume creations.

Our day was super tiring with a mix of sightseeing, shopping, art and culture. But I definitely want to come back here because I feel bitin with the shopping part haha! I personally think I need a whole day just to properly check out all the malls and markets. :)

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