Thursday, March 22, 2012

Our new bedroom wall

I once got obsessed with wall stickers and hoarded them like there was no tomorrow. I bought several from Multiply, in bazaars, and finally in Bangkok where they were selling them for less than half the price I paid online (grrrrr!). What I loved about them is that you can make such a big difference in a room without having to paint or put holes in your walls.

Anyway, I had so many designs to choose from that I couldn't decide which ones to use (labo noh?). Well, when we moved into our home, I finally got the chance to use this pole wire decal to spice up our boring bedroom wall.

It took me the whole morning to stick them (keeping those thin lines straight were a bit tricky) but the end result was worth it!

Now off to find more places to stick the other wall decals I have! ;p

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