Saturday, March 17, 2012

Orchard outfit

Sorry, pagbigyan niyo na ang mga outfit shots ko since I rarely go out and hardly get to wear my clothes haha!

Anyway, can I just say how hard it is to get Vins to take my picture! Sometimes, you just wish you're with your girlfriends since they understand it when you take 100 or so photos that kinda look the same but really don't (of course we have to do slightly different angles or poses until we get the perfect shot). That's why I love traveling with my girls, mega photoshoots galore (you should see how many pictures we take when were at the beach)! With Vins, he finds it such a burden to take photos of me or of us together (except when were taking photos of the kids of course). As in anything more than 2 photos, major BV na siya! So you can just imagine his face while taking these shots! As in WTF?! hahaha!

top: Bangkok; hair: Goody spin pins (finally got myself a pair and they do work!)
shorts: SM; belt: Vietnam
My ever trusty sling bag which I always take on my trips. I've had it forever, it goes with anything, and all my stuff miraculously fits inside (as in my wallet, cellphone, glasses, shades, make-up, shawl, bottled water, umbrella, etc!)

I love anything animal print (especially leopard), but as usual, my loving husband always makes fun of me when I wear it. As in he pretends he's a hunter with a gun and he shoots at me while saying "it's a cheetah!!!" Sweet noh? ;p So you can just imagine the teasing I got since the one and only cover up I brought on this trip was this shawl.

shawl: 168 Mall; shades: Cotton On

Went to Orchard Road on a Sunday and this part in front of Lucky Plaza was full of Pinoys. Felt like we were just in Manila haha!

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