Thursday, August 21, 2014

DIY: String Laser Maze

My kids get so active sometimes, it's hard to think of ways to keep them entertained at home. They're at that age where they love playing pretend and using their imaginations. I find it so cute when I catch them talking to themselves while playing with their toys, making up different scenarios and characters! :)

One afternoon, Miley was telling me how she was bored and wanted to do arts and crafts. I honestly wasn't in the mood to take out all their painting materials again since they had just made a huge mess in our room the day before. So I thought of doing this activity I read about - a String Laser Maze!

It's super fast and easy to do but you're kids will spend hours having so much fun, guaranteed! All you need is yarn (or any type of long string) and masking tape!

Just tape the end of the yarn to the wall and then start weaving it in a criss-cross pattern across the room at varying heights...

I also threaded the yarn through the cabinet handles...

And also through the chairs...

In the end, you'll have something that looks like this! It's ideal to do this in a hallway, in your garden, or any area where you don't have to worry about breaking anything. In our case, we used the dining room and just pushed the table and chairs to one side so we had more floor space.

Needless to say, the kids were so excited to play spy agents, Mission Impossible style! We made up this whole story where they had to get the treasure at the other end of the maze. If they touched the string, an "alarm" would go off (basically me just making a siren sound lol!) and then the cops (me again) would have to bring them to jail! Haha! ;p

I swear this was so much fun, and it was a great workout for the kids too. You'd be amazed at how a simple piece of string could provide so much excitement! This was a great experience and we've done it a number of times again since the kids couldn't get enough. Go ahead and try it too and have your own spy adventure with the whole family! :)


  1. Great idea Helene!! I was amazed! Hehehe. I definitely have James do this too when he grows a little older. =)

    1. Yey thanks! Go go go, it's such a fun game! :)



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