Friday, August 8, 2014

Happy, happy, Oh Joy!

First of all, I loooove the US store Target and I love it more when they do collaborations with designers (like Missoni, Jean Paul Gaultier, Jason Wu, Phillip Lim to name a few) to bring more affordable fashion to everyone.

Now, I was browsing Instagram one day when I saw a photo of this super cute tray pop up with the hashtag #ohjoyfortarget. I clicked on it and was suddenly all giddy with excitement when I saw all the juicy colors and gorgeous prints that belonged to this fab collection from blogger Joy Cho.

Inspired by Joy's love of color and pattern, the Oh Joy for Target collection is an exclusive party-inspired line offering everything you need to throw the perfect party in no time at all. With Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter collections, look out for a full year of Oh Joy parties. 

I immediately knew I needed these in my life (like right now!) so I was literally jumping for joy (pun intended ;p) when I was able to get my hands on these babies! Aren't they the cutest? And the colors really make me so happy!

This was the serving tray that caught my eye. That fruit print is so adorable! And it has pineapples too, which you know I love. :)

These goblets are probably my absolute favorite out of all the products. Each pack is just $4 so that's $1 or about P45 per glass! I love that it's made out of plastic since we've broken so many glasses around the house it's not even funny. The colors are just so bright and that gold rim makes it look extra stylish. I've also seen on Pinterest that some have used these as flower vases. :)

I really like the color of this acrylic pitcher with the gold handle. Again, love that it's not glass so I don't have to worry about it breaking.

Doesn't it all look so cute together? Can't wait to use it too when we have guests in the house. :)

These food baskets were also $4 a pack, so I figured we could use them when eating fries or other snacks.

This bag is actually described as an "insulated soft cooler" which keeps your chilled foods chilly when you have a picnic or go to the beach. I initially thought it was small like a lunchbox, so I wanted to use it as my pump bag where I can put my breastmilk when out of the house. Turns out it's quite big hehe. However, it's the perfect size for Skyler's things when we go out. So I've been using it now as a diaper bag! ;p

Here's some more photos from the collection. They have other products too like straws, paper plates, napkins, paper lanterns, etc. but I figured I can get stuff like that here in Divisoria right? hehe ;p I just love how with products like these, throwing Pinterest-worthy parties is now as easy as 1-2-3. :) 


  1. i love oh, joy! that picnic basket and tray looks so happy!!!

  2. I want to buy the goblets toooo!



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