Sunday, August 24, 2014

Flaunting my Finds from Seek the Uniq

I don't remember exactly how I came across the online store Seek the Uniq in Instagram, but I know that once I did, I was definitely hooked! They have such fabulous clothes, especially their bestselling kimonos and tunics. The only problem was that everything would get sold out at once, so you really have to make up your mind quickly when you see something you like or else you'll miss out.

love how they wrap their packages :)

I personally find the clothes a bit on the expensive side, since the prices range from P1,500 to about P3,000. The kimonos start at P1,400 while the tunics are P1,660. I really love all the clothes, but honestly I kept thinking that I could buy more items for the same price elsewhere. Like I've found kimonos online and in bazaars for as low as P180 each.

But I guess that's why they're called Seek the Uniq - because their items are indeed unique. Aside from clothing, they also sell accessories, bags, make-up, home decor, and even books! So after stalking their site for the longest time, I finally made my first purchase... and then some more. ;p

I finally found a tunic I liked that wasn't sold out at once!
This wooden peacock tray was something I couldn't pass up.
I also got a baby kimono for Miley. Like mother, like daughter! ;p
You all know I love pineapples, so this canister was a no-brainer. I also got it in green.

Now, they had a contest a few months ago called "Flaunt Your Finds" where you post your most creative shots of your buys on Instagram. Can you spot some of my entries below? ;)

Needless to say, I really, really, REALLY wanted to win. And I guess I was quite lucky because I did! Check out my winning entry, Tray Chic:

Check out my prizes! The box it came in was an extra special treat too - it was so nice!

Renegade Folk sandals (the ones I wanted were out of my size, but these were cute too)
1969 by Joyce Makitalo Oracle necklace
Butter London nail polish
Napoli Mesh Coverup
another Pineapple Canister in pink...
which perfectly fits in with the other two I already had.

Not a bad haul for just posting a photo on IG right? I'm still stalking their site like crazy though, drooling over all the items practically everyday. I'll probably give in one of these days and buy something. But for now, these finds will do. :)



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