Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Celebrating my birthday

It's a known fact that I love planning and throwing fabulous parties for my kids and loved ones, but when it comes to me, I'd rather keep it super simple. So I guess it's no surprise that I'm okay with just having a cupcake for my birthday (whereas I had to go and buy a whole cake just for Skyler's 6th month hehe!) ;p

It was so funny because when I told the kids it was my birthday, Miley immediately asked "where's the decorations?" Haha! Then they were like "Mommy can you decorate the house since it's your birthday?" Toink! Well maybe next time I can DIY my own stuff, but I think we should teach Daddy how to make buntings and paper pompoms so he can surprise Mommy next year right? ;p

make a wish...
the best gifts ever!

Instead of a fancy dinner or party, I figured a weekend staycation in a hotel was the perfect way to celebrate since the whole family would be able to enjoy. And no need for an expensive gift from hubby. To be honest, I was completely happy just spending time with my greatest treasures. And tipid-mode na lang muna since I'm also starting to plan Skyler's 1st birthday and ang mamahal na ng mga suppliers ngayon ha! ;p So here's to turning 32! And thank you to everyone who greeted me as well! :)



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