Wednesday, July 2, 2014

The Farm Organics Resto

Finally, I got to try The Farm after all these months! Hubby and I would always think of eating here but then for some reason, we'd always end up somewhere else. But one night, hubby was really craving for a burger so off we went. :)

I really like how cozy the place looks with all the wood and leather
nice place to just chill and relax
hubby's favorite part of the resto haha! ;p

According to their website, The Farm Organics - The Healthy Meat - is the first to offer fresh certified organic grass-fed beef in major supermarkets in the Philippines. The Farm Organics' cattle are pastured-raised cattle, which are NOT given antibiotics and growth hormones (rbGH).

The Farm Organics beef is a nutrient-dense, health-promoting food which contains more CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) which supports the immune system and helps fight cancer. It also contains omega fatty acids, and vitamin E. Both the Omega-3 fats and CLA in grass-fed beef actually reduce the risk of heart disease.

with my handsome dates while waiting for our food! ;p

Hubby decided to get the Kesong Puti Burger. I tried it and it was really good! The patty was super tender and juicy. I just wish it was bigger though. ;p

Kesong Puti Burger

Of course, we had to order fries, which is a must for my 3-year old son! And hubby tried one of their beers too.

Kesong Puti Burger and Fries

I decided to get pasta just so we could try something other than their burgers. The Truffle Mushroom was ok, but the ones I've tried from Mamou and Mama Lou's are definitely far superior. It made me wish I'd just gotten a burger too hehe!

Truffle Mushroom Pasta

We also ordered their brick oven pizza and decided to get Four Cheese. It was small at 10" and again, I've had better. Towards the end, all that cheese was becoming too bland so we used the mushrooms from the pasta as toppings haha! ;p

Four Cheese Pizza

Next time, I will definitely stick to ordering a burger or steak! :)

THE FARM RESTO - Certified Organic Steaks and Burgers
One Legacy Place, Don Jesus Blvd., Alabang Hills, Muntinlupa City


  1. The burgers are a bit expensive. Worth it ba?

    1. Yes medyo pricey nga. But healthy naman daw e hehe. I'd eat here again for the burgers if you ask me. :)



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