Tuesday, July 22, 2014

DIY Dress Repair

I saw this dress from Zalora a few weeks ago and fell in love with it immediately. First of all, I'm loving wrap dresses right now (especially for breastfeeding) and this print was also the same one as a Seek The Uniq tunic I missed out on before.

So I had it washed and was all set to wear it out for an event...

But then, my heart skipped a beat when I noticed something...

Oh. Em. Gee. Ang laki ng butas sa collar! Obviously nasunog siya when it was ironed. The dress is made of jersey but it has this tissue-like thing inside the collar (probably to give it shape) so I guess it wasn't able to handle the heat. Pero kainis lang kasi wala naman care instruction label un dress so malay ba namin right?

You know what, the younger me would have thrown a fit and started screaming like crazy after seeing this. Imagine, hindi pa nasusuot nasira na. And super noticeable pa kasi it was on the collar. But I calmly put the dress back on the hanger, picked another outfit and just decided to do something about it when I got back. I guess having kids also made me more understanding that yes, accidents do happen. And instead of getting mad (which only gives you wrinkles), we should just move on and try to fix the situation.

So after studying the damage later on, I realized that the collar was actually the best place for it to happen. Hindi tumagos un butas sa other side, so I figured I'll just FLIP the collar!

Hubby was reluctant when I showed him and said baka masira pa lalo. But I was confident in my sewing skills. Kaya yan! I removed the tag first (pwede pa actually ibalik ulit later on)...

Then I started making tastas the thread which connected the collar to the dress. Hindi siya madali ha! I had to be very careful not to ruin the dress further so I just did this slowly but surely...

Finally natapos din! I then removed all the stray thread, flipped the collar over and got ready to sew...

I just did basic running stitch since it won't be seen naman when worn...

Tadaaaa! Collar connected and looks good as new! :)

I also stitched up the hole pala just so it wouldn't get any bigger...

Yey, the dress is saved haha! I was literally doing a happy dance after!

Now you can't even tell there was a hole to begin with right? It'll be our little secret ha. :)


  1. wow! what a genius! i admire your calmness despite what happened.

    1. Haha thanks! Inisip ko na lang there are worse things in life than this hehe ;p

  2. OMG!! Good thing you know something about sewing ha?! I mean, I also have a background (during my elementary days) but then I didn't imagine doing this. It was great! I was curious on how you fixed it then upon reading napa "Wow" na lang ako. hahahah! Nice one! =)

    1. Actually running stitch lang talaga alam ko hehe! I guess I was lucky na din that the construction of the collar was easy to flip over and sew :)

  3. galing! if it happened to me, I would have brought the dress to the nearest modista =)

  4. Cool! You're also a mommy McGyver, Ms. Helene! =)



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