Thursday, July 17, 2014

Bungalow 300

I have always loved Bungalow 300's colorful pillows which I first saw in Dimensione and are also available via Taste Central. I was obsessed with the chevron pattern then and I think theirs was the first one I saw with that print. I came thisclose to buying some, however my kuripot side won over since each pillowcase is about P700-P800. I mean that's a lot considering there are super cute pillowcases over at my happy place Landmark for less than P100 each! 

Anyway, it just so happened that I found out they were having a 3-day sale last weekend through Instagram (@bungalow300). I figured I'd check it out since it said discounts were from 10% to 50% off. 


I immediately zeroed in on the pillows and my heart started pounding when I was told they were 50% off! OMG! Each pillowcase would be about P300-P400, still a lot more expensive than my Landmark finds. But it was a good deal nonetheless, considering I almost bought these at full price before (see, patience is a virtue haha!).

It was so hard to choose! I didn't want to go overboard and buy every color and pattern just because it was on sale (I've done that way too many times!). I wanted to get designs that would work with what I already had at home. I must have looked so confused since one of the owners came up to me and asked if I needed help haha! I told her it was ok, I really take my time when deciding. ;p 

They also sell Domesticity products like these cutlery and glass trays you see on the top shelf below. I've also been eyeing these over at Taste Central, but they were only 10% off though...

I had to restrain myself from buying these placemat sets since I already have so much (still unused) at home. But they would make such pretty gifts right?

Here's some more eye-candy around the store. I love the vintage modern furniture, quirky and bold accessories and so much more!

I wanted that super cute owl on the lower right (30% off) but I already have so much owl figurines...
they also have Luxe City Guides
each corner of the store is like from a page of a`magazine
cork coasters at 50% off!
display outside the store right before you enter
gorgeous bone china figurines
more bone china stuff on the 2nd floor

According to them, this is their very first sale ever! So I'm really happy I was able to catch it. I'll show you in the coming post what I ended up buying. ;p So if you're in the south and you like what you see, definitely try to drop by this store. I also saw that they hold crafting workshops here so hopefully I can join the next one. :)

Buencamino is along Alabang Zapote road right across Honda Cars. You will see Metro Bank- Sycamore building on the corner of Buencamino. When you turn in to the street look for the white row house 50 meters to your left with a big No.7

No. 7 Buencamino St. Alabang, Muntinlupa

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