Monday, July 28, 2014

90's Fashion Revival

What is old is definitely new again. Specifically trends from the 90's! These fashion pieces were all stuff I used to wear back in grade school and high school. I wish I'd kept them all, but I'm pretty sure they wouldn't fit me anymore now hehe. At least this somewhat validates my hoarder tendencies. See, never throw stuff away because you never know when they'll be cool again! ;p


My denim short overalls were my go-to outfit when I was in Grade 7. I remember that was the time I started going out on gimmicks with my barkada and the beginning of my interest in fashion. I remember feeling so cool when I was in my overalls! Oh, and I also had the one with the pants and the skirt version too. ;p

I love how they're now back in style and better than ever. They're still effortless and comfy to wear, but the silhouette is sleeker and sexier. And you can totally dress them up or down by just changing your shoes and accessories.

all images from Pinterest

Here's my own take on the overalls trend. The pink overalls I got from an ukay-ukay, while the denim ones are from Mango. What do you think? ;p


Remember these? Gosh, I had the clear plastic ones back in the day. I like how there's lots of different colors now though. And it's perfect for the rainy season too since it's made of plastic lol! ;p

all images from Pinterest


I remember how I had this really bright and colorful tie-dye shirt (rainbow colors ha) that I kept wearing when I was a kid. Like everywhere! I like how it's more simpler and stylish now with the use of just one main color.

all images from Pinterest


Now I was totally surprised to find out these are so back in fashion! I used to own the classic 2-strapped black one (the Arizona) back in high school and I remember wearing them all the time. I have no idea where they are now, but I sure wish I'd kept them around. I know some people hate them and find them so ugly, but I love it! They're so comfy and I'm so happy I now have an excuse to go get myself a new pair. :)

all images from Pinterest

Hubby still has his old pair, so he was so yabang when I said I wanted to buy one again hehe. I went to the Alabang Town Center store and I was kinda surprised to find out a pair costs about P4k to P5k! Parang I don't remember it being that expensive. Although siyempre that was a long time ago na hehe. I almost said never mind but then hubby said it was a good investment since they last a really long time. Ok fine, you don't need to convince me na hehe! And I have a feeling I would probably wear them all the time too. This time, I was torn between the single strap (Madrid) and the thong (Gizeh). There were also so many nice colors to choose from, although I knew I wanted to stick with either black, white, or brown. But the metallics were super cute too...

In the end, I went with the white Madrid! And I LOVE THEM! And why do I have a feeling this won't be my last pair? ;p

Birkenstock Madrid - P3,750

There are so many other 90's trends making a comeback. Like I'm seeing the iconic fashion from the movie Clueless returning too. All I know is I better take care and keep my favorite outfits so that I can pass them along to my daughter when they're considered cool again in about 20 years or so. :)

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