Friday, July 4, 2014

Our monggo plant

About 2 months ago, we received the Breeze Sige Sabado Playbox which included, among other things, materials to raise a monggo plant.

My daughter was really excited to plant the monggo seeds in the small plastic pot. I don't really know if there's a correct way to plant monggo (like soil to seed ratio?) but I pretty much just let her decide how many seeds she wanted to put in the soil (she placed a lot!). And then she was even more excited to water it after (I think she might have drowned the seeds too haha!). ;p

There were still a lot of seeds left over so she decided she still wanted to plant more in an empty space in the garden. I just let her dig away and plant as many monggo seeds as she wanted...

The seeds in the small pot grew really quickly and then died after a while. I honestly forgot all about the other seeds my daughter had planted until our helper excitedly called us out one day. We didn't even notice that a full-blown monggo plant had already sprouted! :)

look at the ripe seeds ready for picking!
and more are growing!

So cool right? ;p I don't have a green thumb, but this makes me excited to plant other stuff in our garden like basil or calamansi. Hope it grows! :)

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