Wednesday, July 30, 2014

My Fab Finds

I have a habit of buying stuff, stashing them away, then completely forgetting about them! Usually, I'll remember them when I'm searching for something else and then I find them, still with the tags on. Anyway, sharing with you some of these finds, better late than never. ;p

1. I got this embroidered kitchen towel at Metro Department Store for 50% off. I love the design and all the intricate little details. They're so pretty I almost don't want to use them hehe!

love the embroidery
At 50% off, I got 2 towels for just P149!

2. I love cute and quirky decors, especially stuff like fruit. I got this ceramic apple (which happens to be a coinbank) at the Caltex stopover in SLEX. We were on the way home from the beach and we had lunch in KFC. If you've been to this stopover, you'll know that aside from the many restaurants here, they also have stalls where they sell pasalubong. They were also selling other ceramic fruits like cherries and pears, which I might just buy next time (then pwede na pang fruit salad lol!).

3. You all know I love Uniwide and this cowboy set was something I got during one of my shopping trips there. I just had to get the hat since it's perfect for parties - you put the chips on the brim of the hat, then the dip in the center. Super cute right? Or you can just use it for decoration. Total for both is just P150 so you can't beat that! I just need to throw a western themed party and we're all set! ;p

perfect for chips and dip
unbeatable price

4. I wish I could buy all the plates and bowls from Gourdo's Sakura line. The designs are just gorgeous! I just contented myself with buying these assorted miso bowls at P80 each.

I happened to chance upon Gourdo's in ATC one time and saw some items that were 50% off. Turns out these were "damaged". I checked everything thoroughly and the only chip I saw was on the bowl (and it wasn't even sharp and hardly noticeable). The plates on the other hand were just a bit faded, which was fine with me. The plates ended up being P70 each and the bowl P87.50.

5. I just love unicorns! If you're a Sweet Valley book reader like me back in the day, do you remember the "Unicorn Club" which was made up of the prettiest and most popular girls? Hehe, throwback lang... Anyway, I saw this figurine online at Urban Outfitters and luckily someone was able to buy it for me. It's actually a ring holder (you put the rings on the horn) but I'm using it as decor for our living room right now. :)

Stay tuned for more of my fab finds! :)


  1. Surely a fab find Helene. I would definitely love to buy stuff for house to once I have my own house. Hihi! =)

  2. I love how homey are your design of choice. Lovely are those plates and bowls.. very dainty! how I wish to be lucky in finding good ones at a very affordable cost

    1. Thanks sis! And yes, I'm really in love with those plates and bowls :)

  3. I love your Uniwide find! Can't wait to see how you will use your cowboy serving dish (?) in a party =)

  4. Hi! I can so relate. I forget about the stuff I bought (usually because of impuslive shopping!) and get reminded about them when I see the same stuff on TV or used by other people. When I found out I still have lots of items (personal and otherwise) untouched at home, I decided to stop shopping muna and to save money na rin. :)

    1. Haha agree! I need to stop din, but sometimes it's so hard especially if it's on sale! ;p



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