Tuesday, January 21, 2014

My kids at Universal Studios SG!

If you remember, the kids went on their first out of the country trip in Singapore last October. And of course, one of things on our itinerary was to go to Universal Studios! Hubby and I were also there in the early part of 2012, and I said that I couldn't wait until the kids were older so we could bring them here. And now, that dream has become a reality. :)

The newest addition to the park was Sesame Street which wasn't around the last time hubby and I visited. So it was exciting to experience the new ride and see all the characters even if the kids didn't want to have their photos taken with them! I think they got shocked to actually see them so big and life-sized. Check out poor Sabe crying and screaming his heart out haha! But he couldn't stop talking about Elmo after. ;p

Here we are going around the different areas of the park...

In Far, Far Away...
at Jurassic Park

The kids had a lot of fun checking out the stores with the different merchandise. Of course, they wanted to buy everything - and that stuff ain't cheap! But they ended up getting a stuffed toy each from the Sesame Street store (Abby Cadabby for Miley and Elmo for Sabe).

Sabe loving the Shrek toys

Meanwhile, Miley had so much fun on all the kiddie rides! I love how excited and brave she was to try almost everything. Well, she just didn't like Ancient Egypt zone where "The Mummy" was since she got scared with the characters roaming around (like those Pharaos on stilts). But here she is having a blast on the Madagascar carousel and the Potion Factory ferris wheel.

Sabe on the other hand was still a bit apprehensive to go on some of the rides, even though he loves all the movies like Shrek, Madagascar and Transformers. We rode the Madagascar Crate Adventure and he got scared as soon as we entered the tunnel since it was dark. We also tried watching the Shrek 4D movie but as soon as they turned off the lights, he started crying! So we just waited outside hehe. Hopefully, he'll be more game when we go to Disneyland. :)

A lot of kids were also holding these Universal Studios balloons so naturally, the kids wanted one too. I just didn't expect them to cost SG$10 (about P350) each! Ang mahal! But it was worth it since the kids held on to it the entire time we were there. We even tried bringing one home to Manila, but it deflated inside the luggage hehe.

If you also recall, I was about 6 months pregnant here so I was basically just watching everyone's stuff while they went on the rides haha! But the weather was so hot when we went so I was happy just sitting in the shade or inside an air-conditioned place. Good thing I've already been here before and rode almost everything so I didn't feel like I was missing out. ;p

It was such a great experience for the whole family and I can't wait until we are able to go to Disneyland! Keeping my fingers crossed it'll happen this year. :)

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