Monday, January 13, 2014

Welcome to the world Skyler!

If you follow me on IG, then you must know that I already gave birth a few days ago! I may not be able to blog as much since I’m pretty much a walking zombie most of the time these days, but I just wanna share my birth story while I have some time (baby is sleeping peacefully for now...)

I finally gave birth last January 8, 2014 at 12:13 am to a healthy 6.13 lbs. baby boy! My due date was actually January 19 but I've been feeling so heavy and uncomfortable lately that I just knew I’d give birth earlier. Besides, I’ve also given birth before reaching the full 40 weeks in my past 2 pregnancies as well (trivia: Miley was born at 36.3 weeks, Sabe at 37.3 weeks and now I gave birth at 38.3 weeks!).

I’d been walking like crazy since the start of January and when I went for my check-up last January 6, my doctor told me I was already 2cm dilated after doing an internal exam. She told me to keep walking and to just come back the following day.

So basically, here’s how everything went down on January 7:

3:30pm – I arrived at the hospital (Makati Med) and by this time I was at 3cm with irregular contractions.

5pm – I was brought to the labor room and given Buscopan via IV to help thin my cervix I believe. Pretty soon I was having contractions every 3 minutes but the pain was still tolerable. I was just doing breathing exercises to help me get through it.

8pm – I was getting really hungry (my last meal was at lunch) so my doctor allowed me to have soup and crackers. But just as hubby was buying my food, my water broke on its own so I wasn’t allowed to eat anymore! Super bad timing! ;p

9pm to 10pm – The pain was getting worse. I was still at 4-5cm but each contraction was so strong I couldn’t stand it anymore. I was gripping the sides of the bed so tightly and asking hubby to squeeze my hand as hard as he could (he told me after his grip was so strong but I honestly didn’t feel it since I couldn’t even think straight!). I finally asked for an epidural and I swear I didn’t even feel it because I was such in pain from the contractions.

11pm – I was at 6cm by this time and although the epidural did help, I could still feel the pressure down there. Each contraction was about 1-2 minutes apart and I swear I could literally feel the baby’s head moving down!

12 midnight – My doctor checked me and by some miracle I was already fully dilated and ready to deliver!

I was rushed to the delivery room and everything happened so fast. I gave birth at 12:13am so imagine it took just about 13 minutes from the time I was wheeled out to the delivery room, prepped and then finally gave birth. I think it helped that I wasn’t completely numb down there since I could still feel the urge to push. I think I just pushed for about 3 times then the baby was out! This was the fastest labor and delivery for me, but also the most painful. With Miley and Sabe, I got the epidural early on and was in labor for a loooong time so I really couldn’t feel a thing even when I was pushing. But even though it hurt like hell, I’m thankful for this experience because I think it makes you appreciate being a mother more haha!

Say hello to SKYLER CALEB!
first family pic!

And now, we’re back to sleepless nights all over again. I’m carrying the baby almost 24/7 and breastfeeding on demand. My milk just came in and my boobs are so engorged and sore! Having a new baby is wonderful but it’s also challenging, demanding, and frustrating at times. But since this is my third, I also feel more confident and in control now. Less frazzled and more calm during certain situations (like when the baby won’t latch, when he’s crying non-stop and you don’t know what’s wrong, etc).

However, I also feel a bit guilty since I feel like I’m not being able to give my other kids the attention they need... Oh well, I guess we’re all in the adjustment period now and everything will get better in time. I’m just thankful that my son is finally here and that he’s healthy, strong, and so, so beautiful. I can’t stop looking at him and marvelling at how tiny he is. I almost can’t remember the time when Miley and Sabe were also this small. Reminds me that time flies by so fast and before I know it, this little baby will be walking and talking and going to school already... So really, I just want to cherish each day and embrace each moment as it comes.

hi there little brother!

So welcome to the world, my little Skyler. We love you so much and can't wait for lots of new adventures with you! :)


  1. Congratulations, Helene! :) Can't wait for more stories regarding baby Skyler :)

  2. congrats, helene, vince, miley and sabre!
    welcome to earth, skyler!

  3. Congrats.. i'm a follower of your blog.. God bless!



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