Friday, January 10, 2014

DIY: My mom's new chairs

Look what welcomed me when I visited my mom's house! Repainted and reupholstered chairs which she did herself!

These were previously rusty old chairs with paint peeling off and the seats were a cheap looking vinyl leather. Now they look so dainty and cute! I totally love all the colors she used, which were just leftovers from previous paint jobs. But I told her she needs to do something about the seat cushions! I don't like the fabric at all haha! They look cute from afar though. ;p But these were apparently the only ones they had around the house, which were leftover fabric from my cousin's scrub suits years ago. I'm thinking we should go with floral, ikat, or stripes? :)

And that's not all... She even painted those white monoblock chairs! Clap, clap, clap! Good job mom!

Now she's asking me what paint color to use in an accent wall for their living room. And she's going to paint it herself! Naks! I think my mom's gonna give me a run for my money in the DIY department hehe! ;p


  1. Hi! just wondering, what type of paint did she use for the monoblock chair? did she need to prime it pa?


    1. She didn't prime it na. Just used regular paint with a brush daw :)

  2. I love it very shabby chic! :)


  3. Very nice!! At hindi lang pala photographer si Mommy, painter din pala! Alam na kung saan ka nagmana :)

  4. Cool! I love the pastel colors, and the fabrics are fine, too =)



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