Thursday, January 30, 2014

Field Trip at Sta. Elena Fun Farm

Miley went on her school field trip last week to Sta. Elena Fun Farm and unfortunately, I wasn't able to go with her since I had to stay home with the baby. But she and Daddy were able to spend some quality time together and they had so much fun!

The place looks really great from the pictures that hubby took. I checked their website and found out that although the farm is open to the public, you have to make a reservation if you plan to visit. Rate is P300.00 per head (child/adult/companion) and is inclusive of the following activities:

1. Carabao-cart riding
2. Horseback-riding
3. Animal feeding (bunnies/guinea pigs)
4. Mini Fishing
5. Mini Row-boating
6. Use of rope course & obstacle course
7. Use of mini zipline
8. Use of playground
9. Use of bike trail
8. Use of sand house
7. Use of Pavilion or picnic grounds (bring your own food and drinks)

I definitely have to schedule a visit here in the future for the whole family! Anyway, sharing some photos from super fun trip they had. :)

According to hubby, Miley had so much fun playing with and feeding the guinea pigs and rabbits. They look so cute even I'm tempted to get one as a pet haha! ;p

Here's Miley doing all the other activities around the farm.

fishing (they didn't catch any fish though hehe)
carabao-cart riding
at the playground
horseback riding with Daddy
Sand House
inside the Sand House, which was another favorite of the kids
riding the tractor
what a cute swing!
zipline area

I was so proud of Miley when hubby told me that she went on the zipline - 3 times! I can't stop watching the videos that hubby took - she was so brave and she enjoyed it so much! Go Miley!!! :)

I'm sad I missed going on Miley's first field trip. But I'm so happy she and her Dad had such a great time bonding together. When they got back, Miley kept saying her Daddy was now her best friend! Haha! Well, I can't wait to visit this place myself with all the kids. It seems like such a really great place for the whole family to enjoy. :)

ADDRESS: Sta. Elena Properties Inc. Barrio Malitlit, Sta. Rosa, Laguna
CALL or TEXT: 0920-4688785 / 0918-8886588

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