Monday, February 3, 2014

Naturepel Insect Repellent Spray

One thing I'm very cautious about is insect bites especially from mosquitoes since they can be very dangerous. I get so paranoid when my kids get a fever and the first thing that I think of is dengue. That's why I always make sure that they wear pants when playing outside and of course, lather them up with insect repellent.

Thanks to SkinStation, I was able to try one of their products - NATUREPEL Insect Repellent, which contains highly effective 100% natural insect repellent oils. I really like it because it's a spray which makes application easier and faster. What's more, it has a pleasant scent that does not cause dizziness and is infused with a harmonious blend of peppermint, lavender and lemongrass.

NATUREPEL Insect Repellent also has no harmful DEET, which is a popular chemical ingredient found in most topical insect repellents nowadays. Recent studies indicate that DEET may have the potential to cause seizures, and in some cases, act as skin irritant. It is generally safe, but is not advised to be used on babies.

What's good is that NATUREPEL is child-friendly and safe on babies as young as 6 months old. It contains Leleshwa oil from the African Sage tree, working in synergy with other essential oils and fatty oils to repel insects. In studies conducted at Carroll-Loye Biological Research in California, this new patent-protected technology proved to be a safer and better alternative to other popular insect repellents out in the market today that has DEET in their formulations. Also, extracts from grapefruit, longleaf pine and bamboo act as natural preservatives to replace parabens and other synthetic preservatives.

The 100 mL spray costs P330 and is exclusively available at all SkinStation branches. Check out their website for store locations.


  1. You didn't mention whether or not it was effective? Did it work?

    1. Yes it works for me. I notice I don't get bites when I use it :)



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