Friday, February 7, 2014

HEAVEN Baby Diapers

My baby Skyler is a month old now! He is so matakaw so I'm constantly nursing, but I'm not complaining since I can see how much he's growing everyday.

Since he's a breastfed baby, he's also constantly peeing and pooping, sometimes with each feeding! So one thing we always need to have a lot of stock of is diapers since we go through them so fast everyday! In fact, we're thinking of asking our family and friends to just give us diapers during Skyler's baptism since we already have all the baby stuff we need from his brother and sister anyways. ;p

As a mom, the qualities I always look for when buying diapers are comfort, protection, and affordability. There are some cheap brands out there but you also have to make sure of the quality since this is your baby you're talking about. I've experienced diapers that have leaked which is such a hassle since you have to change everything - the baby's clothes, the sheets, and sometimes even your own clothes too! And I especially hate when this happens in the middle of the night. I also want to make sure it is breathable and absorbs well since wetness can lead to diaper rashes, and this can make the baby very irritable. And of course, I want my baby to be comfortable with the fit of the diaper so that it won't chafe his skin. 

So it was really great when I was asked to try HEAVEN Baby Diapers since it has the following features:
    1.  TLC - Total Leak Control System
    2.  Soft cottony cover
    3.  Adjustable/magic tape

 Plus, it's also affordable since the SMALL pack costs P138 for 24 pcs (or P5.75 per piece).

Other sizes are priced as follows:
- Medium:   P162 for a 24pc. pack (or P6.75 per piece)
- Large:      P186 for a 24pc. pack (or P7.75 per piece)
- X-Large:   P210 for a 24pc. pack (or P8.75 per piece)

Us moms want only the best for our kids so I'm happy to discover this diaper that allows me to give my baby tender love and care. With its Total Leak Control System, HEAVEN Baby Diapers reassures me of my baby's comfort & protection from leaks & diaper rashes. 

HEAVEN Baby Diapers are available in selected stores like Waltermart.

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