Monday, February 17, 2014

A Princess Barbie birthday party

Our little girl Miley turned 4 last week and she celebrated by having a small party in school with her classmates. I've been asking her what theme she wanted and the obvious reply was Barbie. She also loves dressing up as a princess (she wears a gown and a tiara almost everyday) so of course I had to add that in. :)

I would have wanted to use the colors all pink since that's her favorite, but would you believe all her classmates are boys?! So as much as I wanted to make her party as girly as possible, I decided to also use the color blue, which turned out quite nicely.

DIY party printables
used washi tape from Crafty Hattie to seal the envelopes
birthday banner

These loot bags are from Crafty Hattie and were the perfect size to hold the treats for the giveaways.

I tied the bags up with baker's twine and added personalized tags for each one

We just ordered food from McDonald's for the party, but I bought juice separately since I didn't want to serve the kids softdrinks. These Angry Bird tetra packs clashed with our theme, so I just made Barbie juice box covers. :)

The cake is from our favorite bakeshop Cielin's, and I just personalized it to fit our theme by placing one of Miley's tiaras on top. Instant princess cake!

The strawberry cupcakes are also from Cielin's and I just added the usual DIY toppers. The cupcake holders are also from Crafty Hattie.

We brought everything to school but I just had to set it up at home for a nice photo-op with the birthday girl. Here are more pics from her party. :)

So again, happy happy 4th birthday to our little princess! We love you so much! :)

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