Saturday, February 22, 2014

Homemade Playdough from Beads&Balls Giveaways

One of my kids' favorite things to play with is playdough, so I was really excited when Beads & Balls giveaways asked me to try their new product.

Their homemade playdough is 100% non-toxic and made of food grade materials. It comes in different colors (light or bright) and scents (strawberry, lemon, banana, ube, vanilla, orange, pineapple, pandan, chocolate). 

I've bought clay before for the kids that was cheaper than the original Play-Doh brand, and it was a sticky mess! So I'm happy that this homemade playdough is really soft and doesn't leave residue on your hands. It also doesn't dry easily. The kids accidentally left one container open and it still retained most of its softness a few days after.

You can also add shimmer to the playdough, which my little girl loved!

The different scents smelled really good too...

And it's very affordable for as low as P20/container.

As you can see, my kids had a blast playing with the playdough!

These are also great to give as giveaways for kids. Here's a sample packaging from their Instagram page: @stuffshop0

So check out Beads & Balls giveaways if you want to order. They also make rosary & hand sanitizer giveaways too, perfect for baptismals, birthdays, weddings or whatever occasion. :)

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