Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The kids' 1st out of the country trip in Singapore!

Finally, I'm able to post about our trip to Singapore last October. As the title says, this was the very first time we were taking the kids out of the country so hubby and I were both really excited and nervous. We were travelling with hubby's family so we didn't really plan on bringing a yaya anymore (also a first!). However, I got pregnant a couple of months before the trip so I was extra anxious since I knew I couldn't really wear myself out so much with all the walking and running after the kids...

Anyway, we had a full itinerary since we were spending 4 days in Singapore and another 4 days on board a cruise ship (more on that later). Hubby and I love Singapore and have already been here many times but it was a whole new experience being with the kids. From waking up extra early everyday to make sure the kids and all our stuff were ready, lugging around 2 strollers plus our heavy baby bags everywhere we went, dealing with temper tantrums, sleepyheads, bathroom breaks, feeding, and basically keeping both kids entertained... We have never been more exhausted during a trip!

It was also a little more costly since we would always think about the convenience of the kids. Like instead of staying in a budget hotel with smaller rooms, we wanted to book in a nice hotel where the kids would be more comfortable. If before, we would always take the train or walk going somewhere, this time we mostly took taxis or booked a tour van. But we did take the MRT though, so that the kids could also experience riding the train.

the kids' 1st train ride! :)
favorite meal in SG - hainanese chicken

We also just chose to go to kid-friendly places and areas that would be easy for us to move around (so no crowded places like Chinatown or shopping at Bugis Street). We just went to Marina Bay Sands and then of course Universal Studios and Sentosa.

Marina Bay Sands
the Louis Vuitton store
inside the MBS hotel
Gardens by the Bay
Singapore at night
Manila St. in Singapore

This was also probably the only trip where hubby and I didn't go shopping at all! We only went to one mall near our hotel and basically just walked around with the kids while waiting for everyone to finish shopping and then have dinner haha! I'm glad I've already been to Singapore before because we really didn't have time to visit all the attractions tourists usually go to like the Merlion or even Orchard Road. At least I didn't feel like I was missing out while I was at the hotel with the kids instead of sightseeing. ;p

Bottomline, it was definitely a challenge travelling with young kids especially with no yaya. When we would get back to our hotel at the end of the day, all we want to do is crawl into bed and sleep. But of course, we still have to give the kids a bath, clean their bottles, and prepare stuff for the next day. And after everything's done, the kids are still up wanting to play! I don't think I've ever appreciated our yayas more after this trip haha! Although it would have definitely been easier if it was just one child or if I wasn't pregnant since I was extra tired most of the time and I was really careful to not exert myself so much in carrying the kids or our heavy things.

If we could do this all over again, would we? I think definitely YES, but not for a while though hehe. Imagine next year, we have 3 kids already! I think we definitely need to bring a yaya or we'll go insane! Although just being by yourselves definitely brings everyone closer and the memories we had on this trip are priceless. But personally, I think that if you can afford it and if you want more time to relax and enjoy, then bringing a yaya is definitely worth it. Or just wait until all your kids are grown up before travelling haha!

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