Sunday, December 1, 2013

4 Weddings & a Preggy Me

I think hubby and I got married quite young 5 years ago at 26, since during that time, we were one of the first out of all our friends and batchmates. It wasn't until about last year when the wedding boom started for us, with people started getting engaged and married left and right.

I attended a total of 4 weddings this year and they were all held during the last quarter of 2013. Which means a very pregnant me! It really is so much fun attending weddings, because you know for sure there'll be drinks and people are there to really let loose and get wasted (at least my friends are haha!). But since I'm preggy, I can't really par-tay so that just means more drinks for everyone! ;p

We're also one of the first to have kids in our group so what's good is that they're almost always guaranteed to be part of the entourage (yey!). But it also means we can't stay out too late since we'll be dealing with temper tantrums and sleepyheads as the night goes on (booo!).

Anyway, here's a glimpse into each of the 4 weddings we went to. :)

Wedding #1

This was the wedding of my brother-in-law which was held in Cebu. We were all part of the entourage - hubby was the best man, I was a secondary sponsor, Miley was the flowergirl, and Sabe was the ringbearer (although he refused to walk!).

ceremony was held at the Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral
reception was held at Shangri-La Mactan
super yummy everything

Wedding #2

This was the wedding of one of our college barkada and it had a Parisian theme. It was honestly one of the most beautiful receptions I had ever been to with all the gorgeous flowers and overall set-up.

I got my dress from Miss Selfridge at 70% off!
Rizal Ballroom, Makati Shangri-La
loved the photobooth set-up!

Wedding #3

Another wedding of our college kabarkada, this time held in Tagaytay. This wedding was held on November 9, the day after typhoon Yolanda hit! Everybody was really anxious the week before just reading the news about how this was the biggest storm ever (especially the poor couple since their reception was going to be outdoors!). We were all just praying that the weather wouldn't be that bad on the day itself. But lo and behold, the sun actually shone that morning and there was only some slight rainfall before the ceremony. :)

Sabe was the coin bearer, and again he refused to walk so I had to carry him down the aisle! Hope he gets the hang of this soon though, since he'll be the coin bearer again for my cousins wedding in January. ;p

got my dress at 50% off from a store called Mags in Southmall!
Reception was held in Angelfields, Tagaytay. They had the whole place tented up last minute!
silly faces for the photobooth ;p

Wedding #4

The last wedding was my high school barkada's and I was a bridesmaid and Miley was a flowergirl again. I really loved our dresses and all the colors of the entourage! And all the details down to the reception was just lovely. :)

Being able to be part of all these celebrations is just so wonderful. Especially seeing and feeling all the love in the air (naks!). I kept joking hubby that it was a good thing we already got married because it would be so much pressure for me if I had to plan a wedding now with all those gorgeous ideas to compete with haha! I think there would definitely be some things I'd change if I could get married again now (like getting an on-site video done!!! grrr, my biggest regret!). But of course, each wedding is beautiful in its own way and when I look back at the pictures from our special day, the main thing I'm reminded of is that was the start of our lives together. I can only wish the same happiness for all the couples in this new chapter in their lives... :)

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  1. Your dresses are so cute! :) Perfect I have a wedding in January, I will go to the stores you mentioned sana maka chamba din :) Blooming ka sis (hint hint parang girl ang baby mo!) :)



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