Saturday, June 22, 2013

The week that was

Whew! Finally, I've found some time to blog again! :) This past week has been a really busy one for me. First, my 3-year old daughter Miley officially started school. But before that, we had a parents orientation where we were introduced to all the teachers and the rules & guidelines were discussed. Then, it was Miley's 1st day already! It was really such a milestone seeing her in her uniform and bag. :) I'm so glad we enrolled her in summer classes since she was such a trooper when we dropped her at school. Sanay na sanay na hehe! And it was so exciting picking her up and seeing if she had stamps on her hand (we're supposed to know how their performance for the day went if they had 2 stamps, 1 stamp, or no stamps). After getting 1 stamp only the first two days and then no stamps, finally Miley got 2 stamps yesterday! Yahoo! Gosh, I wish I could really sit in the classes to know what they do hehe! But anyway, I still can't believe my baby's all grown up already huhuhu! Pretty soon, I'll be dropping her off in high school na... ;p

Also, with hubby at work and my in-laws on a month long vacation abroad, I am now the official driver of my daughter to school!


I am so glad I finally learned to drive (after the 3rd try haha!). It's also a milestone for me since for the first time, hubby wasn't there with me in the car. It was just me, the kids and yaya. I was really nervous at first, especially since it was raining hard last Monday! But after a whole week of driving Miley to and from school, I feel like such a pro already! In fact, after picking her up from school yesterday, we even went to the grocery after. And I was able to park successfully woohoo! It feels really great to finally be able to go places without having to ask someone to drive me. I feel so independent haha! I still have to work on my parking skills though and also driving to farther areas like Makati. :)

Side kwento though, after doing the grocery yesterday, I bought medicine at the pharmacy. It was starting to rain again pretty hard so I was rushing to get home. Anyway, like I said, I was so happy with how the day went but after dinner, it suddenly dawned on me that I never got the medicines I bought! I don't know why, but after signing my credit card bill, I left to go to the parking already. And for some reason, the person at the pharmacy never handed me my package or even ran after me as I was waiting for the elevator! Haaay naku! Well, I called them up last night and yes, my medicines were still there. So excuse me while I go back to the grocery and pick them up. ;p

Enjoy your weekend everyone! :)

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