Monday, March 25, 2013

Learning to Drive... Again!

One of my resolutions last year was to learn how to drive. Actually, I've already taken 2 driving classes in the past. When I was in high school, I took a manual course since our car back then was manual. Major FAIL! I just couldn't figure out the changing of gears and the clutch. And the car kept stopping in the middle of the road! Aaaargh!

After a few years, I was determined to try again since we now had an automatic car. So I took a 5 hour refresher course and it was an improvement. Although I never fully mastered how to park! I know, loser haha! So when I would get picked up from the office, I would be the one to drive home, but then ask someone else to park it in the garage. So I was never able to drive around by myself since I was scared of parking!

Anyway, fast forward to another couple of years after I got married and had kids. Now, Miley will be starting school this year and I have to be the one to drive her there. I've been practicing around our village, and once I even ventured out into the Skyway with hubby (scary!). But I definitely needed more professional help. And I hated it when hubby would get mad at me when I would do something wrong. Can you believe I almost hit another car once since I thought the gas pedal was the brake?! I know, OOOOPS!

I have another mommy friend who also needed to learn how to drive since like me, she would be bringing her daughter to school. She told me she enrolled in Smart Driving School since it was cheaper than A1, but she took the 10 hour manual class (at just P4,400). Since I had to take automatic classes, it was definitely more expensive at P1,000 per hour! I enrolled first for 5 hours (with free additional 1 hour) then would just add hours if I felt like it.

Since I was driving an automatic car, I was advised to take 2 hours per day so that I wouldn't be bitin. My first class was last Monday and we drove around Sucat. I'm telling you, Sucat has got to be one of the worst places to drive in! There's so many jeeps, people crossing the streets everywhere, motocycles jumping out at you, cars who don't even signal... well, I guess that's every other road here in the Philippines. I swear, it was just so nerve-wracking at times! But I survived and didn't kill anyone or bump another car!

My next class was last Thursday and it sucked because it was so traffic! I practically spent 1 hour in Sucat, bumper to bumper, inching my way back to the driving school. It was so annoying because I was supposed to learn parking that day, but the damn traffic ate my time up!

Anyway, my last class is TODAY so hopefully after this, I can feel super confident to drive (and park) by myself already. Although I definitely need constant practice. Hubby and I drove around yesterday and it was great because for once he didn't get mad at me haha! So that means I definitely improved yey! So wish me luck please? Because if I don't learn after this, I don't think I ever will haha! Besides, 3rd time's the charm right? ;p

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