Monday, March 11, 2013

Photo of the Day: Puzzle Pieces

I am such a proud mama! You see, I was on my computer blogging when I noticed Miley tinkering with her favorite Barbie puzzle. Usually, she asks me to help her, which basically means she watches me finish the entire thing. But this time, I was surprised to see that she had already gotten some of the pieces in the right positions. So I instantly stopped what I was doing to cheer her on (and of course take pictures!).

What was so amazing for me was that she was able to find the correct pieces despite being mixed in with other puzzles (see all those other pieces on the floor?). And every time she got something right, she would sort of fist pump with matching "Yes, I did it!" haha!

I'm just so proud of her! When I was a kid, I loved doing puzzles too, so it's obvious where she got her talent. hehe! ;p

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