Saturday, June 1, 2013

The return of the daybed

Ok, remember my post about how I dragged hubby to Mandaue Foam during their sale so I could buy a bed for my son's room? And I ended up buying this daybed below which I was completely excited about?

Nicole Captain Bed

Weeeeell, it didn't quite work out... I think it all started with the delay in delivery. I definitely think the universe was kinda giving me signals already. First of all, it took more than 2 weeks and it didn't arrive on the day they said it was going to be delivered. After waiting all day, I finally called and it turns out that they had to replace the bed that arrived in the store since there were some defects daw. Ok fine. After it was finally delivered, there were some missing parts so they couldn't install the cabinets on the lower part of the bed.

I also noticed that there were some paint chips. The delivery guys said they didn't have the materials to retouch it, so they would just fix it when they returned with the missing parts.

Well, after talking to the store salesman and expressing my dissatisfaction, I learned that it would take them at least another week to get the parts (since it would be coming all the way from Cebu daw). I think that's what started me thinking and analyzing this purchase. I mean, if they had delivered a perfect bed, complete parts and all, I think the story would have been different. But having this bed sit in the room just heightened my unhappiness with it. The bed is completely gorgeous don't get me wrong. But there was just a nagging feeling inside of me that it wasn't the ONE once I saw it in the space (Now I know why interior designers come in handy. They save you from making mistakes like I did!).

For one, it seemed too big for the room. I know I took measurements and all, but once it was there, I began to see the faults in the would be layout. I couldn't even fit a bedside table in there. And it was so cramped when you entered the room and the door would almost hit the bed.

Second, the pull-out didn't work smoothly. It kept jamming everytime we would push it back under. According to the delivery guys, it was really the design of the bed that caused it to be this way. Third, it now seemed like a girly bed the more I looked at it (doesn't it?). I just wasn't sure how my son would feel about it once he grew older lol! Lastly, my mom saw the position of the bed and warned me against bad feng shui. Apparently it's bad to have the bed aligned with the door.

according to feng shui, the bed facing the door is a strict no-no since it is said to be the "death position" YIKES!

Hubby wanted to just move the position of the bed, but I felt it would still overwhelm the space because of the height (it was higher than a normal bed kasi). So after sleepless nights, soul searching, inner conversations, a huge meltdown with hubby (yes, drama queen ang peg), I decided to just change the bed. Thank God that Mandaue Foam had a returns policy within 7 days. I just called the salesperson who assisted me and arranged to come in the store and choose what furniture to replace it with. The good news was that I had P15,200 to spend on whatever I wanted. Downside was that it wasn't sale anymore and I had to pay the delivery fee again.

I knew I wanted a white bed but everything they had was in wood. We finally decided to get this one which cost P4,900. (the pull-out mechanism underneath is not included, that's a separate P3,500).

We still had about P10k to spend so we decided to just get side tables and a desk so we could basically have the whole room furnished already.

this desk seemed like a good size for the room and it was only P1,400
We got these side tables for our own room since they're bigger than what we currently have. Our old ones would be moved to Sabe's room.

We had a few thousands left over so we just bought 2 lamps and a cactus plant. In the end, I was over P90 and had to pay an additional P500 for the new delivery fee. Well, a small price to pay for the sake of my happiness hahaha! ;p

We went to Mandaue on Saturday and the new stuff came right on time on Monday! Good vibes already. I swear, everything came into place layout-wise that I was able to decorate and set up the space in about 30 minutes. I love how the room turned out and I can't wait to share it with you in the coming post! Stay tuned! ;p

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  1. Gusto ko din yung ganyang bed sana ung may nahihila sa ilalim perfect for my twins!



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