Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Checking out Mandaue Foam's Awesummer Sale

When I saw that Mandaue Foam was having a storewide sale, I immediately made hubby promise that we would have to check it out.

the Las PiƱas showroom

I have been dying to get started decorating my son's room and the first thing I wanted to get was a sofa bed (since I don't think he'll actually stay there for at least a couple more years so I want the space to double as a study/guest room for now). But after careful consideration, I figured it would just be better to get an actual bed since sofa beds aren't really that comfortable and we would have to buy a bed for him eventually in the future. The compromise? A day bed! I have been eyeing this Mishi Day Bed for the longest time and was actually just waiting for a sale so I could finally buy it. But when we got there, the salesperson said that they don't have it in stock and I'd have to wait 2-3 months for them to make one for me. Hmmm, actually I was ok with that since I wasn't really in a rush, but then hubby pointed out this bed for me (sorry I wasn't able to take a pic of the actual bed in the store since we were in serious conversation mode at that time haha ;p)

Nicole Captain Bed - P19,000

- it can totally double as a couch when not in use, just decorate it with lots of throw pillows
- the pull-out bed is perfect for when we have guests sleeping over
- it has drawers too (the last row on the bottom) which means more storage space
- it's narrower than the day bed so it would fit perfectly where I want to put it

- it's a little bit higher than a normal bed (thanks to the drawers which adds height)
- the mattresses aren't included, which means we have to shell out extra for those

We had like less than an hour to go around since the store opened at 10am and we had to pick up Miley at summer school by 11am. So after a quick discussion, we decided to get it! YAHOO! The bed was 20% off so it became P15,200 and the mattresses were 30% off so they became P3,328.50 each. So my total was P22,357 including the P500 delivery fee. And it was 3-months installment so not bad at all. :)

I really wanted to go and buy more things but I knew hubby might say I was already pushing it since I came and got what I came for anyways. ;p  So for now, I'll just share some of the stuff I was drooling over:

This was the day bed they had in stock (which looks similar to the kids' bed we have at home, ours just has a pull-out underneath)
my weakness!
love all the prints
I totally love this headboard
and I'd need new side tables as well to match :)
cute vases
I. LOVE. THIS. Might be time to spray paint my existing garden set this color!
this whole display is so my style!

Actually, I'm still dreaming of that Mishi Day Bed haha! I want it for Miley's room or even for our sala. But I'll just wait for the next sale and if I still want it, then maybe I could convince hubby to buy it (as if!). I definitely have to come back here without the time pressure. Btw, their sale is ongoing until May 5, 2013 so you still have time! ;p


  1. i want those pillow cases!
    do you remember how much are they?

    1. sis sorry late reply! I believe around 300-500 un mga pillows, then there's 20% discount pa. Pero check their website to be sure, I know they have the prices there. ;p



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