Friday, May 17, 2013

One fine day

I have to admit, there are days that I just want to stay at home to watch TV, catch up on my blogging, and find time to do all my DIY projects. Of course going to the mall is another thing, I'm always game for that. :) But what I'm saying is that sometimes, I tend to forget that my kids need to experience and play in the outdoors too. I'm embarrassed to say that there are moments when I have such a hard time prying my kids away from watching cartoons or playing with the iPad. I guess turning on the TV or handing them the iPad is such a easy excuse to get a little time for yourself. But what I need to keep reminding myself is to allow them to experience the simple joys in life, just like what we had before all this technology was invented.

So one afternoon, we all trooped to the park for a little picnic and tea time. I brought Miley's teacups and saucers and that's where we drank juice and ate cookies. I swear, I think I was the one who was enjoying the most! It just brought me back to when I was a kid with me and my cousins. Back then, we loved spending time in the playground, or just laying around in the grass looking for bugs and picking flowers.


After, it was time for some kite flying. The kids kept running around trying to get the kite up. The breeze wasn't that strong at first but after a few tries, Miley had some luck!

We were just in time for "golden hour", which is the last hour of sunlight during the day. They say this is the best time to take pictures because it produces really dramatic results. What do you think? I totally love all the shots hubby took, especially the ones below with the sunlight piercing through the trees. And I totally didn't realize it, but both Sabe and I ended up going barefoot! We took our shoes off when we were having our picnic and once we started flying the kite, I guess we just forgot to put them back on. And let me tell you, the feeling was so liberating haha!

this is my absolute favorite shot from the day :)

I swear, this was one of the best afternoons we've had. I promise myself that I will make time for more of these moments, so the kids can learn to appreciate nature and bonding with family all the more. :)

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  1. I enjoyed reading this post and seeing those great shots with your family. It was indeed one fine day.

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