Friday, May 3, 2013

Beach trippin' in Batangas

2 weeks ago, the whole family from hubby's side went to Laiya for a little vacay since we had a balikbayan in town. I really love family vacations since we usually just go with the flow without having to stress out about the planning, the head count, where to stay, etc. We just have to worry about packing and show up! ;p

Anyway, we stayed at Acuaverde Beach Resort, which I'll be blogging about separately. We stayed for 2 nights and had a really great time! Here are some pics from our awesome stay.

summer lovin' selfies haha!
kiddos ready to swim
parang donya lang ang peg
chillin' at our cabana (in the scorching heat!)
warm, clear waters

Anyway, the resort doesn't have a swimming pool so I brought a small inflatable one for the kids to splash in since there are times they don't want to go into the ocean. The resort was kind enough to fill it up for us (good thing they had a super long hose which was able to extend to the beach). I'm so glad we brought it since Sabe refused to swim in the beach and just stayed in the pool the whole time! And it looked so inviting even the adults couldn't resist taking a dip themselves haha!

our private pool by the beach hihi!
Sabe doesn't want to get out ;p
plus they also had a bonfire at night! the kids were so excited they wanted to roast marshmallows ;p
non-stop eating the whole trip
the cutest little shark ;p
how ya doin' cutie pie?

It felt so good to be out of the city and just relax. The weather was perfectly sunny, but it was soooo hot there were times we just wanted to stay inside our rooms hehe. Anyway, I'll be posting about where we stayed next. Stay tuned! :)

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