Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Awesome discovery: How to fix broken makeup

A year ago, I posted about how my Shu Uemura powder foundation was smashed into pieces (I left my makeup kit unsupervised and Miley had gotten a hold of it... well, you get the picture). Anyway, I had a couple more accidents with some of my other makeup but I never had the heart to throw them away. I just keep them in my dresser and use it sometimes when I'm getting ready from home. I can never bring them with me since my makeup kit becomes a hot mess after, with all the loose powder falling out of the compact.

Fast forward to when I stumbled upon this entry from Homemaker Chic and after reading it, I was so glad that I had kept all my broken makeup (see, being a hoarder does have its benefits!). According to her, all you need is rubbing alcohol to fix these babies up. I was so excited that I tried it at once!

get your broken makeup, some Isopropyl Alcohol and something to mix everything up (I used a coffee stirrer)
pour a few teaspoons of alcohol over the cracked makeup
stir it so the powder and chunks are dissolved; try to make the mixture as flat and even as possible
leave it to dry on a flat surface

The basic principle is that the alcohol evaporates leaving the makeup intact. I'm not sure if it affects the quality of the makeup, but according to some of the comments from the original post, it doesn't. The makeup just smells like alcohol after but it doesn't bother me. If anything, I feel like it's now super clean and disinfected haha!

Anyway, I was happy with the result so I went ahead and did the same thing to all my other broken makeup! Now I can bring them along with me in my makeup kit without the loose powder falling all over the place. Genius! :)


  1. hey, thanks for sharing this! now i know what to do with my smashed make-up. and ouch sa Shu Uemura powder foundating! i have the same and been using it for years. i love, love, love it! tip: buy them from Duty Free Philippines where it's a lot cheaper, pati refill :)



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