Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Cintai Corito's Garden: Family Fun

What made me really enjoy our stay at Cintai Corito's Garden were all the animals and activities you could do. According to their website, "Cintai is a beautiful sanctuary to unique animals such as alpacas, spotted deer, mini horses, peacocks and a whole lot more." So don't be surprised if you see some peacocks, chickens, or geese just crossing the road or walking around the garden.

We were informed that the bird feeding happened at 7am, so we woke up bright and early to check it out...

After, we decided to check out the peacocks and deer...

can you see the baby peacocks in the cage? so cute!

Then, we arranged for a pony ride. This was probably the highlight of the trip for me since it was Miley's first time to really ride a horse (we rode a horse in Baguio but that was just for picture taking ;p). Sabe didn't want to ride though, maybe when he's a little older...

There was also a big cage with a monkey inside. Unfortunately, Sabe got a little too close to the cage and before we knew it, the monkey ran towards him and pulled his hair! I swear it all happened so fast! I was really upset with myself because I've seen those "When Animals Attack" shows so I know how unpredictable animals can be. I'm just thankful it wasn't worse (I think Sabe got more scared from our screams!) but we suggested to the staff that maybe they should put an outer barrier around the cage or at least a warning sign or something. Haay, I swear Sabe was really so accident-prone this trip hehe. ;p


They also had a koi pond...

You could also borrow a bike if you want to explore the resort and the different facilities. We just rode around the rotonda area though...

My mother-in-law wanted to go fishing, so we all went just to give it a try. I wasn't really expecting them to catch anything, but I was so surprised when my sister got one after a few minutes! Everybody got so excited and competitive after haha!

fish pond with tilapia
the helpful and patient staff who baited the hooks
fresh catch!

My mother-in-law caught 2, and hubby (who at first couldn't get anything) managed to catch 6! I think they emptied the pond hehe. When we were claiming the fish during check-out, we were told that each fish we caught would cost P100. But they told my mother-in-law earlier that it was only P50. Hmmm, maybe they weren't expecting us to catch so many? But anyway, the issue was resolved quickly and we just paid P50 per fish. Just be sure to clarify with the staff, or set a limit for the number of fish you'll catch if you don't want to spend so much (si hubby kasi e, ayaw magpatalo, ang dami tuloy namin fish! but in fairness, it tasted really fresh when we cooked it for dinner that night ;p).

Right when we were about to check-out, it started to rain. So I guess we were still lucky for having good weather during our stay. :)

Click HERE for more pictures of the place and HERE to see our Garden Villa.

Cintai Corito’s Garden

 Sitio Pandayan, Malabanan Balete, Batangas | View Map
 Mobile: +63917.833.1508 / +63917.833.1728

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