Sunday, June 16, 2013

The Terrible Twos: The 2nd time around

This picture represents how my 2 year old son Sabe acts mostly these days - moody, demanding, stubborn... a walking temper tantrum. It definitely sounds and feels familiar to us. My daughter Miley was exactly this way a year ago when she was going through her own terrible two phase.

He's become the little boss around the house, making sure he gets his way otherwise all hell breaks loose! What's frustrating is that sometimes, we can't understand what he wants since he can't fully communicate yet what he wants. So he's there trying to tell us something and we're trying our hardest to figure out what it is. And when we can't give it at once, he starts screaming and crying at the top of his lungs. But he sure loves saying "NO" and "AYAW". ;p

He's become the little drama king too! I swear, he can fake cry like a pro! He begins to pout, then his mouth starts quivering, and tears start to fall... and once he's got you in his trap and you finally give in, his mood changes in an instant and he gives you the naughtiest look! ;p haaaaay!

Actually, it's really not so bad this time since we've already gone through this with Miley so we already know what to expect. Besides even with all the kicking and screaming, just one smile and a kiss makes everything ok. :)

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