Saturday, May 31, 2014

A child's imagination

As a parent to toddlers, our house is in a constant state of disarray. And I have to admit, seeing the kids' things everywhere just gives me a headache! We're always tripping or stubbing our toes over some toy on the floor. And I always find some surprise under the sheets or pillows when I lie down to sleep.

So this photo I saw in FB really struck me, since it is a reminder to us parents to let our kids be kids. What we see as a mess may actually be a whole exciting world of wonder for them...

One of the things my kids love doing is piling up all the pillows and pretending it's a castle. Or when they pull the comforter to the floor and pretend it's a tent. But I really hate when they do this especially when I just fixed the bed! There was also a time they opened a pack of cotton balls and completely tore to pieces some styrofoam I had lying around. All to pretend it was snow and that they were in the movie Frozen. They also like putting all their books on the floor and stepping on them pretending it's a pathway. All this after I painstakingly arranged the books by height on their shelf. Most of the time, I admit to yelling at them to stop instead of letting them play. All because I'm so concerned over the mess they'll make.

So I guess it's really a matter of perspective. Let's not forget to let our children's imagination flourish. They are kids after all and we can always clean up after them once they fall asleep haha! :)

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