Thursday, May 15, 2014

Throw Pillow Heaven at The Landmark

If you know me, then you know I have a slight obsession with pillow covers. I usually buy anything with a really cute pattern or print, especially if it's on sale. I actually checked my inventory a few weeks ago and I have about 20+ unused pillow covers which I've accumulated over the years!

Anyway, I have been drooling over the gorgeous pillows over at Taste Central these past few days. I've been so tempted numerous times to buy those Bungalow 300 brand pillows (which you can also find in Dimensione) that cost about P700 each. But then I remembered that I hadn't been to The Landmark in a while now. The last time was when I bought new pillowcases 6 months ago!

So good thing we had to attend a party at Makati Shangri-La, so I dragged hubby over there right after. I miss those times when I used to work in Makati, since my office was just walking distance to the Ayala area. I could just pop by The Landmark, Glorietta, or SM anytime I wanted during lunch or after work. Now, going to Makati is a special event in itself haha! ;p

As usual, The Landmark did not disappoint! Their Living Room Linens section were filled with so many cute and modern designs. I personally think they have the best selection with unbeatable prices! I mean check out the prints and patterns below. They give all those much more expensive brands a run for their money! I think the most expensive cover I saw was only about P250.

They also have these cute chair pads at just P130 each.

I was really overwhelmed with all the designs! Level up talaga from the last time I was here. I was like a mad woman carrying so many covers, I think I had one in every color haha! ;p

 These designs were P129.75 each and the material is kind of the shiny type...

The covers below come in 3 sizes, small (17"x17") for P54.75, medium (20"x20") for P69.75 and large (24"x24") for P79.75. Super cheap right?? And the material was such good quality! And I can't emphasize how CUTE the designs were! For someone who loves throw pillows this was really HEAVEN for me lol! But some of the designs I wanted were sold out in the bigger sizes (I needed a couple in medium but everything was mostly in small)... I had to work things around but I was happy in the end with my choices. :)

I was really so confused on what to get I think naikot na ni hubby buong Landmark pati Glorietta and I still wasn't done! Hahaha! I mean come on, once in a blue moon na lang ako makapunta here so might as well sulitin diba? ;p

So if you're looking to give your home a makeover, you have to check out The Landmark promise! I'll reveal my buys in the coming post so stay tuned. :)


  1. Nate tempt naman ako pumunta jan but like you, going to Makati is a "trip" na for me. Kasi mahal toll and gas from BF kaya kadalasan sa ATC lang kami :P

    1. Agree sis, lagi din ako sa ATC pero nakakamiss talaga ang Makati area haha ;p

  2. I love shopping for throw pillow cases at the Landmark too, Helene. Great selection plus great prices pa!

  3. OMGeee! I love those! It's super cheap pa for a very sosyal quality...

  4. Wow. Thank you for this blog!!! Grabe. I have been searching high and low in the internet for cute throw pillow covers pero wala akong mahanap. Puro mga olx or sa sulit na kadiri ang design. You are right. Maraming cute na throw pillows pero sobrang mahal ng branded. Can't wait to buy some throw pillow covers to decorate my guest room <3


    1. Yey glad I was able to help! Enjoy your shopping at Landmark hehe! :)

  5. Just bumped into your website (i know it has been a year since this was posted :-) ..been looking for Christmas-inspired pillow covers. I hope to find some at Landmark :-) thanks for the tip!



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