Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Sige Sabado with Breeze

I used to be a full-time working mom back when Miley was still our only child. I worked in advertising and it was a very demanding, hectic life. I barely had any time to spend with Miley since I was really tired when I got home (overtime galore!) and sometimes I also had to work during the weekends to attend events.

That’s why I consider myself so lucky that I was able to leave that life behind to be a full-time housewife now. Being able to spend every day with my kids and be there for the milestones is such a blessing.

As a stay-at-home mom, I try to find lots of activities the kids can do to keep them occupied throughout the day. That’s why I was so happy when I received this Sige Sabado Playbox from Breeze!

The playbox is filled with different materials for making fun activities like a tie dye kit, harlequin mask, raise a monggo plant, dinosaur egg bath soaps, popsicle names and pen holder, slime, animal balloon papier-mache, and chocolate drawing.


It encourages moms to bond with their kids over fun, simple activities. We also shouldn’t be afraid of our kids getting stains since these can easily be removed anyway. What’s important is the experience, the lessons, and the memories we are able to create with our children.

As expected, my kids were really excited with the Sige Sabado Playbox. They were always opening it up like a treasure box at different hours of the day, checking to see what activity they can do next.

I asked Miley what she wanted to do first and she chose the harlequin mask activity.

We cut up diamond shapes out of the felt paper and glued it to the mask. We also placed glue on the other areas and then sprinkled glitters on it for a sparkly look! :)

We love how our mask turned out!

We also did the DIY slime activity and I didn’t expect it to be so much fun! The kids loved mixing the ingredients and feeling the gooey texture of the slime. We kept laughing and pretended to be aliens with our green hands! ;p

I knew it would be messy but as Breeze says, sige lang sa mansta!

You too can share your Sige Sabado Moment with Breeze and get a chance to win a trip to LEGOLAND Malaysia Resort for 2!

Here’s how the promo works:
1. Users must LIKE the facebook fanpage:
2. Once a fan the user may access the Sige Sabado app
3. Go to the Breeze Sige Sabado application tab
4. Read the mechanics
5. Fill-up the form
6. Complete the Breeze tagline with your child's name: Sige Sabado moment with _________.
7. Create a photo showing your Sige Sabado moment
8. Upload your photo
9. Post your photo on the Breeze Sige Sabado app

It’s that simple! The promo runs from April 5 to May 31 so mag Sige Sabado bonding na with your kids! :)

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