Sunday, May 18, 2014

New pillows = New living room look!

Here's my throw pillow cover haul from my trip to The Landmark. Like I said in my previous post, there were so many cute prints and patterns to choose from that it took me forever to decide which ones to get...

My current pillow covers are in the more muted shades of purple, so I knew I wanted to go really bright and colorful since it's summer after all. Since I wanted to buy almost all the designs, I decided to just get one of each print I really liked and just mix and match!

These covers in the blue/green shade are 20"x20" and cost P69.75 each...

The rest were 17"x17" and cost P54.75 each...

I read a lot of rules in mixing prints, like sticking to the same color palette or combining patterns in a range of sizes. But if all else fails, just put them all together like I did and if it looks good to you, then it probably works haha! ;p

Here's how my living room looks now with the new covers! Laveeeeet! ;p

Can you believe all these pillow covers just cost me about P650??? That's cheaper than one pillow I originally wanted from Dimensione which was about P700. Now my living room looks completely different all for under P1k and I couldn't be happier. Best buys ever!!! :)


  1. Looks so fresh and summery! must make a mental note to visit Landmark soon!

  2. Ganda sis! :) I will schedule that Landmark trip asap :)

  3. Wow, Nice prints..I super love your living room ..=)

  4. I love your living room! it's maaliwalas....

  5. I love your carpet. Where did you get it?

    1. Got the carpet from SM (Makati) a few years ago :)



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