Wednesday, November 13, 2013

New pillowcases and paper napkins from Landmark

I haven't been to Landmark for the longest time so I was literally going crazy when I saw all the super nice stuff they had in the home section. I had a limited amount of time to go around so the only things I zeroed on were the pillowcases and paper napkins. Anyway, here's the stuff I ended up getting:

There were so many cute designs for these paper napkins, I wanted to hoard them all!
P39.75 each
I also got one pack with a Christmas design

Now here's where I spent so much time - checking out the throw pillows since all the designs were to die for! I literally had a whole cart of pillowcases in different colors and designs, and it took me forever to narrow it down to my final selection. I finally decided on purple tones, since I'm about to put up my Christmas tree which has a purple and gold theme.

LOVE the embroidery on these cases! Size of these are 17"x17"
P229.75, P279 
These were the bigger sizes (about 21")
P109.75, P149.75, P169.75
got varying shades of purple and in different textures

Here's how I arranged them on my couch (you can see the previous arrangement and pillows HERE). Like I keep saying, I love how you can totally transform the look of a room just by changing your pillow covers!

I'm still deciding what pillows to use on the other side. Check out my 2 options. What do you think is better? :p


Anyway, there were also so many cute canvas pillow covers with vintage and travel designs like Paris, London, New York... But in the end, I was able to control myself and got just this one:


Which I used for our couch inside our bedroom.

I totally want to go back to Landmark when I have more time! I think I can spend one whole day there just at the home section haha! ;p


  1. nice ones. Lovely pillow cases. I want for my living room space

  2. I want new pillow cases; I didn't know Landmark has tons of them until now. I choose Option A! :)

  3. My god!!! it seems like Landmark is the place to be for home decor freaks like us!!!! Good bye SM malls!!!!

    1. Haha! I also like shopping at SM pero once you've been to Landmark, it is such a revelation! They have really classy stuff and cheap too! :)



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