Monday, April 15, 2013

Playing dress-up

Miley loves dressing up in costumes and then acting out scenes from different shows and movies she watches. If she weren't so shy around strangers, dinala ko na to sa ABS-CBN matagal na hahaha! ;p But anyway, here are just some of the characters she's put on (she still has a witch and doctor costume that I haven't taken a pic of yet).

as a butterfly from A Bug's Life
as Spike the dragon from My Little Pony
* this is actually meant for Sabe but he refuses to wear it!
as a "Princess" and an "Emperor" from an episode of Bubble Guppies
* again, the blue outfit is Sabe's ;p
as a fairy (oops, wasn't able to include her wings ;p)

This pink gown (which I got from SM on sale for less than P500) is actually her current favorite. She wears it at least once a day and she's actually wearing it right now as I'm blogging. One time, she even wanted to wear it to the mall! Whenever she puts it on though, she keeps asking me for her "glass slippers" which I still owe her. ;p

channeling Barbie's The Princess and The Popstar
Mom, are you done taking pictures?

May pinagmanahan talaga tong anak ko hihi! I'm sure in the near future it won't be costumes but actual outfits already that she'll love trying on. ;p

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