Friday, April 19, 2013

Residence Inn Zoo in Tagaytay

Right after Holy Week, we went to Tagaytay for lunch and also to pass by the Pink Sisters Chapel. After, we decided to check out the zoo at Residence Inn. Entrance fee is P250 per person and free for children 3 ft below. To sum things up, we were able to go around the entire zoo in less than 30 minutes since they have a very small collection of animals. You can also have your picture taken with some animals like a python, an owl, or a pony for an additional fee. There are also several shops strewn around the place selling (overpriced) toys and souvenir items, There's also a zip line and cable car which we didn't try (but I think this might be the only appealing attraction in this place).

fishes, reptiles, amphibians section
snake on the loose! this is the photo area with the python (don't worry, his caretaker was just nearby)
funny how the rabbit cage was just beside the snakes... lunch? haha!
another snake on the loose! ;p
I think this is the show area, but there wasn't anything going on when we were there
souvenir shops
photo op area with an owl and a parrot
hi Diana!
photo op area with a pony and donkey

these goats were SO noisy they ended up scaring the kids!
There were also a few tigers who were housed in small cages like this one. I don't know how they are "upgrading" but hopefully, they give these poor animals a better home :(
these were the most interesting animals they had (in my opinion)

Well, after going around the place, I have to say that the steep entrance fee is not really worth it. I mean, Manila Zoo is so much better compared to this place (and that's saying a lot!), and their entrance fee is even less than half. Instead of feeling happy, you just feel so sad and sorry for the animals in their cramped cages! Well, there are so many other great attractions in Tagaytay and sadly for me, this is not one of them.


  1. Well saw lots of positive reviews on this one.. Probably will buy a discount voucher on Residence Inn MetroDeal Your daughter had fun, hope mine too :) You can try visiting their website if you have time for discounted prices

  2. I'll also go there with my daughter, just want to share that I got it in a very low price on Residence Inn MetroDeal . You might as well check their website for discounted prices :)

  3. Nakapunta na dito mga kids ko sayang lang hindi ako nakasama but they really had so much fun! I will definitely try to come back here with them.

    Much Love,

  4. Enjoyed our recent visit there, hope you don't mind me sharing.

  5. When you visit a zoo please expect some noise. Been there and really enjoyed it. You didn't see the lion? Took a picture with the baby tiger? i think you missed some animals and the very nice view.



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