Monday, April 8, 2013

Sabe gets his first barbers cut

After I cut Sabe's hair last month (which didn't exactly turn out that good ;p), hubby finally agreed that a trip to the salon was indeed in order. Sabe got his first haircut (a mohawk!) at Cuts for Tots in Glorietta and since I was happy with how that turned out, we went back there again.

at the play area... not knowing what's about to happen next LOL!
goodbye long hair!

Well, there were a few differences from last year. For one, their price has increased from P295 to P330. And if Sabe was behaved back then, well let's just say it was definitely more challenging this time! Anyway, they showed me a book with pictures of kids with different hairstyles to choose from. I chose a semi-barbers cut so that it wouldn't be that short.

Sabe refused to wear the salon cape, but at least he sat down on the car chair...
I ended up wearing the cape and carrying Sabe after a few minutes. The lady assistant was also blowing bubbles like last time as a distraction, but it didn't seem to be working...
So I asked them to play HI-5 since that was his favorite and it worked! Only problem was Sabe kept dancing haha!
I then whipped out the iPad which distracted him for a while, but then he really got mad when the scissors and razor got near his ears!

We were the first customers there and towards the end, Sabe was crying and shouting so much I think we scared the other children who were up next (the little boy after us was also crying because he didn't want the razor too!). We just decided to come back after Sabe fell asleep since one side was still uneven.

Always bring a change of clothes! We had hair all over us after.

Anyway, Sabe fell asleep after lunch and by that time there were already a lot of customers so we had to wait a bit to make "singit". What was funny is that Sabe instantly woke up again after a few snips. He then started crying and saying "BYE!" to the hairstylist! Awww poor thing, I think he's traumatized already. =( So we had to wait again for him to fall asleep a second time (which luckily was just a couple minutes) and then decided to just have them cut his hair while he was on the stroller (the first time kasi we carried him). And finally we were done!

Anyway, we totally love his hair now! We have to put some gel to style it and then he totally looks bad ass! Doesn't my little boy look all grown up now? =)

Kudos to the staff at Cuts for Tots since they deal with so many crying kids all the time and they still manage to whip up good hairstyles. The whole time we were there, we witnessed 3 other kicking and screaming kids (but I still think Sabe was the worst haha!). Anyway, the next time Sabe needs a haircut, we definitely have to wait til he's asleep again. Or maybe I'll just cut it myself. ;p

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