Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Oh happy, sunshiny day!

We attended the 1st birthday party of my high school friend's baby this weekend which was held at Amici in Ayala Triangle. The theme was "sunshine" and it was very fitting since the weather was also super HOT!

dressed the kids in yellow to match the sunshine theme
lovely details

It wasn't the usual party where you have a host or magician perform with games and prizes. Instead, mommy made special kits for the kids (which were also their giveways) with bubbles, rubber slippers, shades, and a towel. Perfect for the summer!

Of course the kids immediately wanted to play with the bubbles outside! Miley was the one blowing the bubbles, while Sabe kept running after it shouting "bubbles! bubbles! bubbles!" the whole time! Needless to say, they love bubbles. We weren't even there for 30 minutes and they were already so sweaty haha! Side kwento, I wore a dress since I knew it was going to be so hot. I usually wear cycling shorts under, but it was just too warm when I was dressing up so I tossed it aside. At the party, with all the running around the kids were doing, I was so scared I was going to have an upskirt moment (because thankfully, it was still windy despite the heat) so I was so conscious the whole time! I wasn't able to totally enjoy the outdoor activities tuloy. So lesson learned, always wear shorts underneath your skirt or dress if you don't want your panty to be seen! ;p

Anyway, there were also kites, beach balls, and jumping ropes for the kids to play with. I think this was a genius idea for the whole party theme and the kids had a BLAST! What was also so funny was that the restaurant was mostly empty because everyone was outside almost the whole time. So really, you can have this type of party in any park, picnic style. :)

Another great idea is they had a DIY photobooth using an iPad app called Pocketbooth! They just set up this small area with a box full of props. And then, you just press the button on the iPad and strike a pose! It was so fun and so cost-efficient too! Well, you don't get print-outs but personally, I like the digital file more so you can post it online hehe. ;p
photobooth queen strikes again!

It was a fabulous party and the kids came home with lots of goodies that we can use on our next summer outing.

Good boy... Sit... STAY... Ok, now let's go home.

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  1. what a brill idea! kids had fun and quality family time pa :)



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