Thursday, April 25, 2013

A Happy Monster Birthday Bash

My son Sabe loves Hi-5 and his ultimate favorite song is Happy Monster Dance. He keeps watching the video non-stop, so it was no surprise when one of the first things he learned to say was "Monster Dance" (even before "Mommy" and "Daddy" can you believe!). Now, he says "Happy Monster" all the time so naturally, this was the perfect theme for his 2nd birthday party! ;p

My first attempt to make a dessert table was for Miley's Hello Kitty Valentine party. I was really stressed out about that one since I wasn't sure how everything would turn out at first. But now, I was more confident and relaxed, which made the whole party planning so much more enjoyable. :) As usual, I got a lot of inspiration online (check out these cute little monster ideas from Kids Party Hub) and did a lot of DIY (you can check out some of my dessert table tips and tricks here which I also incorporated in this set-up).

Our little monster!
His shirt is actually a Monsters Inc. swimsuit which I found in a department store.

You can find so many cute party printables on Etsy and I was immediately drawn to those from Shelley's Paper Studio and 7under1 Designs. But really, making monsters are so easy since you can create them any way you want out of basic shapes and colors!

My kids love Oreo cookies so this cake was just perfect! I just added the monster eyes and mouth by cutting up white and black paper, then sticking them on the cake using BBQ sticks. Instant monster cake! Actually, just add eyes and mouths to anything on your dessert table, like your cupcakes, containers, cups, etc. and you have an instant monster party! ;p

Oreo Cheesecake from Cielin's
custom-made cookie lollipops from Shortcrust Cake Shop
cake stand from Divisoria
chocolate cupcakes from Cielin's
S is for Sabre!
made juice monsters by adding googly eyes and mouths to regular juice containers
colorful backdrop made from strips of crepe paper; bunting banner made from cut-out letters glued to circles
cut out basic shapes to make monster faces for the party hats
these monster eyes and mouth cut-outs were great props for picture taking
bought plastic containers from the grocery and filled them up with gummy bears and worms for give-aways; of course, I had to add monster faces too!

This was definitely such a fun party and what made it even better was the fact that Sabe loved the theme so much. He kept saying "Happy Monsters!" and that definitely made me a happy Mommy! :)


  1. Monsterific party! Happy late birthday, Sabe! :) I love all you party diy's. Btw, what food did you serve at the party? I hope you can post that next time. Thanks, Helene. :)

    1. Thanks Trina! We actually served a sushi and siomai platter for appetizers, then the usual party food of spaghetti, barbeque, and chicken. I'll put it in my next posts of other party pics. :)

  2. Great job again, Mommy! :) I love your DIY monster photo booth and what you did with the cupcakes and juices.

    Happy Birthday, Sabre!!! :)

    1. Thanks mommy Christine! I had so much inspiration from your Little Monsters party theme post! :)

  3. Great job once again mommy Helene! :)

  4. fabulous party as always. i love the theme and the details! the colors are happy and vibrant which makes them so appropriate for a toddler's party.

    btw, if i may ask, how much were the cookies? very nice! many thanks!

  5. ang galing mo talaga sis! pro ka na talaga sa desert table... clap clap...
    belated Happy birthday to your little man!

  6. belated happy birthday, sabre!
    congrats on the cute party!

  7. Hi mommy helene, just want to thank you for being a cute inspiration... such a bigggg biggg help..

  8. Ang cute naman I do admire DIY Moms....

  9. Im hoarding at your blog so many inspirations!



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