Sunday, March 10, 2013

Have fun saving our seas with EnviroPop

My kids just love playing games on the iPad and even on the iPhone. I make sure to download lots of apps that I know are educational and entertaining. I know some people say that exposing kids to these gadgets are bad (of course everything in moderation right?) but I honestly believe my kids have learned a lot from playing with them. Just the other day, my daughter Miley and I were finger painting and she suddenly exclaimed "Look Mommy, I'm ARTISTIC!" which is a word she learned from one of the apps she loves.

So I'm really happy that there's this new iOS application called EnviroPop, collaboration between World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF-Philippines) and AppLabs Digital Studios. What I love about this app is how it helps spread awareness on how to minimize threats to marine life.

The game allows users to digitally rescue the endangered sea creatures here in the Philippines from a host of treacherous sea hazards such as oil, cyanide, dynamite, PET bottle and trawl net. For one minute, you need to tap and swipe on three or more like hazards across the screen. The more hazards you eliminate, the higher you'll score.

When Miley saw the characters, she was so excited since they were all so cute! And what's more, they also have an "Enviropedia" where you can learn some cool facts about our undersea friends and the hazards that face them.

The app is now available for download on the iTunes App Store for only $0.99 (around P40.00). Proceeds will directly go to WWF-Philippines' marine conservation programs. If you want to try it out first, you can get the Lite version for free. But come on, it's just P40! And not only is it something your child will enjoy and learn from, but you're also helping the environment as well. :)

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