Saturday, March 9, 2013

Oops! I did it again...

Sabe hasn't had his hair cut since almost a year ago at Cuts 4 Tots. It was getting way too long but his Daddy wanted to grow it out even longer. According to hubby, this was the only time Sabe could probably have his hair super long so sulitin na. Well, I was getting so much pressure from the grandparents and even his yaya to cut his hair already since according to them, poor Sabe was feeling so hot and his head was always sweating.

So when his Daddy was at work, (my mom forced me) I decided to just give his bangs a trim so that it wouldn't get into his eyes so much. Remember Miley's bangs which I cut before? Well, I did it again! Now poor Sabe looks like he has an apple cut!

looks like somebody isn't happy with his new hair...

I decided not to say anything when hubby came home, to see if he would notice. Well, after 5 seconds, he was like "you cut Sabey's hair!!!" haha! He was mad at me for a while but after a bit, he saw how much cuter Sabe was. So we might just actually keep this apple bob thing a little longer for now. :)

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