Monday, March 4, 2013

DIY: My first attempt to paint a room (or half of it)

I've been itching to add some more color to my daughter Miley's room for the longest time. And I've been so inspired by other DIY bloggers who paint their houses all by themselves! I mean if they could do it, I could too right? I've always been a fan of two-tone walls and I figured that painting just the bottom half of the room would be easier for a first timer like me. At least if I messed up or ended up not liking the color, there would be less wall area to fix. :)

After agonizing over what color to choose, I finally decided on purple. This has always been my favorite (in fact my bedroom when I was young was this color!) and I also thought that it would complement the wall gallery I did. I went to Ace Hardware in SM Makati and looked at the swatches they had to determine the perfect shade. Btw, this was the same type of paint I used when I painted the owl mural on the other side of this room, which I was happy about (no smell, easy to wash off). I actually wanted something darker, but was advised to go a shade lighter since the color will apparently darken once on the walls. I got the smallest can at 1 litre, which cost around P250. Thankfully, it was able to cover the entire area I did with a little bit leftover pa!

I also got a flat brush (for the corners and edges) and a new roller brush as well.

Probably the most time consuming thing was measuring and taping the walls, molding and sockets. I used regular masking tape which was an inch thick, so I had to do a double layer to make it wider (note to self: next time, just buy the 2" thick tape k?).

After all that was done, it was finally time to paint! I thought I would be able to get it done really quickly while the kids were taking their afternoon nap. Problem was, Miley didn't want to go to sleep yet and kept knocking on the door (ok, more like banging and crying!) asking me to let her in. I finally relented but told her she should just watch Mommy paint. Fat chance...

She was just so excited and she kept asking me "Mommy, want to paint please?" At first I just told her to stir the paint with a stick but she couldn't help tinkering with the brushes and the other materials that I just gave in after a while! I figured as long as she painted within the taped area, I could just do another coat later on. I gave her a small roller brush and that's how I got a new assistant. Just look at how happy we were painting! ;p

After a while, Daddy couldn't help but try it out himself too! He was obviously addicted after the first roll, which I sooo predicted! ;p

Look at those serious faces! Intense concentration haha!

Almost done with this area. My little assistant is definitely getting the hang of things. And eek, forgive the way I look in my pambahay haha!

I wanted to even out the coats of paint on the first wall so I asked Miley to get started on the other area. And she did a fabulous job if I do say so myself. She almost finished the entire wall! Next time, I can just ask her to repaint her room all on her own haha! ;p

The whole painting thing took me about 3 hours, but I think I could have done it in an hour if Miley wasn't there making kulit. But she was just so cute that I'd probably have her help me again next time (or maybe not haha!). Anyway, here's the finished painted walls!

doesn't it make the wall gallery pop out more? :)
The hearts and Hello Kitty buntings have been hanging there since Miley's recent birthday party. But these are coming down soon.
I might have to change the sunburst art above the TV since the colors don't seem to match anymore. We'll see...

I just love how the color turned out! Don't get me wrong, it's definitely not perfect with some uneven parts. But I don't think you can really notice it, I'm just being OC. The fact that Miley helped me makes it all the more special. I just love going inside this room now, just looking at the walls and thinking "I did it! I really did it!" After this, I'm definitely bitten by the painting bug. Wonder what room is next? ;p


  1. Ang galing mo mare! Crafty ka talaga! Ako for sure masisira ko ang walls namin pag in-attempt ko yan :p

    1. Thanks sis! Haha hindi naman siguro masisira walls niyo! Hire niyo na lang si Miley mag paint, pahiram ko siya hehe! ;p

  2. ang ganda! ang galing!

    Sis, kwischun... inalis mo yung masking tape right after you finished painting (habang basa pa yung paint)? or you let the paint dried muna?

    1. Actually I did both. Sa first area, I took the tape right off habang basa pa. Ok naman, walang bleeding. Pero dun sa area sa window, mas matagal ako nag paint so medyo nag dry na siya before I took the tape off. Pero ok din naman, wala din bleeding. :)

  3. Hi Helene! I love reading your blog! First came across it while I was browsing for birthday cupcakes (we also buy ours from Cielin's). Thanks for sharing all your DIY ideas. :) Btw, I'd like to know where you got the book/toy shelf at Miley's room. Does that come with the pull-out baskets? :)

    1. Hi Trina! Thanks for reading! I got the white shelf at S&R. The baskets are not included, I had those ordered from Target in the States. But I happened to find some here at True Value at P350 each. =)

  4. Great! Will check S&R and True Value next time. Thanks for replying. You have a lovely family. Looking forward to reading more blog posts from you. God bless! :)

  5. Can I ask how big is the room?????



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