Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter Eggs

The kids weren't able to join any egg hunting activity again this year (the one in our village was at 7:30am and both kids are NOT early risers), so we just had our own little fun at home. ;p

decorating hard boiled eggs
I first drew funny faces on the eggs, which were covered in paint soon after ;p
My little artist! She said "The pink egg is for Miley and the blue egg is for Sabey!"
Tada! I had to finish these since Miley just wanted to play with the paint after a while :)

We also hid plastic eggs around the garden and everything was found in less than 2 minutes haha! ;p
Anyway, although I love our work of art, there are so many other creative ways to decorate Easter eggs. Here are some of my favorites.

use a black marker to make different patterns - so simple but striking!
washi and glitter tape covered eggs
use spray paint for an ombre effect
cover the eggs with sprinkles!
use nail polish to create a marble effect
cover the eggs with pretty paper napkins (paper mache style)

Wishing everyone a very happy Easter! :)

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