Thursday, July 19, 2012

Wall stickers for kids

I really love wall decals since they're such a fun and easy way to update any room. I have a couple put up in my home (see here and here). Before, they were really expensive and I could just find them online. But now, you can find a lot of designs in different stores for a steal! Here's 3 places you can get cheap and nice wall stickers for kids.

I found these wall stickers at Robinsons Department StoreI grabbed all the kiddie designs since they were on sale at 50% off so each sheet was just P100. 

Here's a closer look at the stickers. I'm planning to use the airplanes and spaceships for Sabe's room which I hope to finish in the next couple of months. The owl stickers are obviously for Miley, to go with her owl themed room.

You can also find wall stickers at Japan Home Centre / Daiso Store. I was surprised that they have a lot of designs and really great quality too! The best part, everything for P66 or P88! I got the sea creatures set (this was P66) since Miley loves fishies and the ocean.

I decided to put them on her bathroom door. Miley isn't potty trained yet and she hates spending time in there (unless she's going "swimming" which means tub time). At least she'll have something to look at when she's in the potty haha!

Anyway, the kids really love it! I intentionally placed them higher up the door so Miley wouldn't be able to peel them off (she loves doing that). Problem is, she now asks us to carry her so she could touch and point to the fish. =)

These stickers are from 168 Mall in Divisoria and they cost just P25 each! Although they're much smaller stickers, they have a 3D effect (they aren't completely flat) which makes them fun for kids. They have so many designs to choose from but as usual, I got the owl and fish ones.

I also placed these in Miley's bathroom to make it a really fun place for her. Don't they look super cute? =)

It still surprises me how cheap these stickers are nowadays. Before, I spent about P500 - P1000 for each sheet! Now you can get the same designs for a fraction of the cost. With wall stickers, you don't have to spend a fortune to add life to your child's room. Since they're so affordable, no need to worry about changing them when your kids rip them or grow tired of the designs. Just buy a new set and stick them back up!


  1. heey..its awesome to see! Cute custom stickers
    and i want my kid to play like that :P

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  4. Your wall decals are really cute. Your kids would be love it very much.

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  6. This is a great idea! You can also put some cartoon images that your child likes. My son's favorite anime cartoon is pororo, so my husband bought a Pororo wall sticker for our bathroom. He bought it at a year ago.

  7. Hi sis asked ko lang saan yung daiso store/japan home center?

    1. There are many branches nationwide, usually in Robinsons Malls. You can check their FB for more details:



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