Sunday, July 8, 2012

Our Little Flower Girl

I was in National Bookstore when I saw this book and I knew I just had to get it. And it was on sale too at just P100! Even better. =)

You see, the little girl on the cover looks just like Miley when she became a flower girl for the first time last year. Look, they're even wearing the same yellow gown!

Mommy & Miley all glammed up

Miley was about 1 year and 8 months during the wedding, the youngest among all the flower girls. She was really more like a saling-pusa haha! We were already expecting her NOT to walk, so we agreed that Vins would carry her if ever (I was not willing to risk tripping on my long gown and heels).

When they were lining up, two of the other flower girls were crying and didn't want to walk too. I was so proud of Miley because even if she didn't want to walk, she didn't cry. Plus, she wore the headpiece and held the flowers all the way down the aisle. Good job baby!

During the ceremony, Miley went to the back of the church were she started loosening up and playing with her bouquet. I guess she was happy her part was over. =)

Anyway, back to the book. It's so cute since there's even a certificate inside to commemorate the day she became a flower girl. I should remind myself to fill that up.

The book also comes with free practice petals inside. I remember the months leading up to the wedding, we would make Miley practice walking. We even bought her a floral headpiece and a basket of flowers to make it more realistic. I was afraid she would remove the headpiece from her hair during the wedding, but good thing she didn't. I guess the most important thing to remember when your child is a flower girl (or has any part in the entourage) is to just relax and know that you can't control things. I had to remind myself not to be such a stage mom and not be upset or embarrassed if Miley didn't want to walk or smile. We must remember that we ourselves get nervous if we were the ones walking down the aisle with everybody looking at us. I'm sure kids also feel the same, maybe even more. So just enjoy the moment and remember that this is not about you or your child, but the couple who are getting married. It is their wedding after all right? =)

Anyway, this book is really made for Miley. Look at the last page of the book above and the picture below. Awww, exactly the same. =)

My brother-in-law is getting married next year, so we can expect Miley to be a flower girl again (and Sabe as ring bearer yey!). At least, she'll be a lot older by then so hopefully she'll already walk down the aisle. And what's perfect, this book will surely help us practice. =)

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