Sunday, July 22, 2012

Our Cebu Trip: Hotel Hopping

We had a chance to go around some of Cebu's finest resort hotels during our vacay. You see, Vins' brother (who is based in the States) is getting married next year here in Cebu, so my mother-in-law took this chance to go on an ocular to check some possible venues.

First stop was Shangri-La Mactan. We were taken around the resort in a golf cart so we could check the ballroom and also the outdoor venue. We weren't able to go to the beach though. Maybe next time since it looks like this is really where they want the reception to be.

Moving on, our next stop was Imperial Palace Cebu. I've seen pictures of this place from my friend so I was dying to see it in person. And it did not disappoint! The place was huge and sprawling and looked very new. There were also a lot more guests here compared to Shangri-La.

Although the beach area was a bit small, the waterpark made up for it! They have 5 different themed pools: Amazon River, Wave Pool, Beach Pool, Captain's Hook Pool, and Toddlers Pool. And they also have water slides! The kiddie pool looked so fun, even I wanted to jump in. Miley was looking at the water so longingly, we made a promise that we will definitely go back here. I think the day trip is about P2500, but it is consumable with a buffet meal. So better to just book a room here to really enjoy and take advantage of all the facilities.

Oh, they also have a Kids Club which I'm sure all children will enjoy. Miley started to go wild when we went inside especially when she saw the area with all the balls. We had such a hard time prying both her and Sabe away from the place. We definitely HAVE to go back! =)

Our last stop was Crimson Resort & Spa. Upon entering the premises, we instantly noted that it looked like The Palms Country Club in Alabang. We were then informed that it was owned by Filinvest Development Corp., which explains the similarities. The place was smaller and cozier than the first two resorts, but it was still fabulous.

Their beach area was the biggest and nicest for me. I can already imagine myself drinking a mango shake on one of those lounge chairs. ;p

Now look at their villas! I mean, if we stayed here, I don't think I'll want to leave the room anymore. And to have your own private pool where you can just lounge around anytime? Winner!

Funny thing, the whole time, we felt like we were the foreigners since almost all the guests in the 3 resorts were Korean haha! Anyway, all these resorts are far from the city but I doubt you'll even want to leave to go shopping once you're in the beach.

Actually, if you do the math, it might come out more expensive if you book in one of these resorts rather than going abroad to say Hong Kong. But Vins and I are torn between Imperial Palace and Crimson. Imperial Palace definitely wins because of the waterpark and all the fun things the kids can do. But Crimson is cozier and is a great place to just relax and unwind with the fam. So we'll see! Hopefully, the reception takes place in one of these places. Either way, we're coming back here next year and we cannot wait!

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